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"All of a Sudden" Description: Dedicated to my best friend Holls~ What happens when all of a sudden your best friend wins a competition and EXO takes resident in your neighborhood? Let's read to find out~ cards/chapters: (Chapter 1) (Chapter 2) (Chapter 3) (Chapter 4) (Chapter 5)
Luna's P.O.V~ I gave Holls a hug to try and comfort her before the girls woke up, but her last sentence of "I guess it's time to catch up and have a explaination as well.." Still echoed in your head actually knowing what happened due to the fact that Taehyung discussed it with you. Before you had gotten into deep thoughts, Holls was no longer crying yet trying to calm herself down. "Hey, don't worry or get angry anymore okay? I know Jungkook meant a lot to you Holls, but don't let all those memories hurt you now, it's not gonna do you anyth~" you were cut off by her saying "He meant so much yet left so quick, like I was nothing to him." You saw her tear up yet let her continue, "He left after us breaking up, within a week, he only needed a week!!!" Holls cried out of frustration, this shocked you due to the fact that you believed she was no longer bitter of the fact. "A week, just to forget and leave me, only a week... and how long is it taking me?!" She looked towards you yet was crying once again while you looked downward while putting your head down trying not to interfere. "It been what? A good year now, and he needed a week just to forget everything we did even before we dated...he just left hurt so bad..." With that last sentence you gave her and hug while muttering "Don't think about him, you have Chanyeol now and he won't make the same mistake also don't worry Taehyung, and I won't let him do anything that will hurt either one of you two. It'll be okay" still embracing her tightly, letting her cry and calm herself. Holls' P.O.V~ You sighed while you cried. "Why am I crying for him? He left me within a week while we dated a good two years, how could he forget me just like we weren't close for around five years, I can't believe I'm still bitter, I just hope Chanyeol and I don't end like how Jungkook and me ended, I trust in Chan and I don't want the past to repeat.." You thought this to yourself, these questions unanswered and never released out of your head, you never told anyone besides Luna how you two broke apart, but besides this you know she wouldn't hurt you and will keep the promise. "Holls, do you think that we should tell the guys that they are coming?" Luna had asked, you thought about it and agreed or else it would just be difficult with you two, "Yea, I'm planning on telling Chan that Kookie is coming, but promise me you wont tell the others before I do, please?" You asked worried, "I wouldn't do that to you, now get a bit more rest I have to get Taehyung from the airport because this guy will get lost again" This girl, is gonna get herself in trouble one of these days, "Just become their manager, you already have experience taking care of them before", "I would if I could but still gotta finish school, right?" "Right, even though it's a bummer" "True, but I gotta go now, the girls will probably keep you company when I'm gone, oh and Chanyeol told me he is coming around 3:00 pm to see you again" this lady is gonna be late worrying the way she is, aish "Okay, but now leave you're gonna be late worrying like always, go I'll be fine I'm just gonna eat, watch some dramas, then sleep. I'll be fine now go" Luna's P.O.V~ "I'll be fine now go", she knows me well since I'm probably gonna end up late pft, "Alright I'm off. Take care but don't be shocked if I'm not at school next week, only for a day" "Okay now go, before they get lost" with that you left. Now the thing is how am I gonna get to the airport on time? Let's see I didn't bring my car because I don't have my license until next week, okay time to start walking. After buying yourself a coffee you got a phone call that saved you from walking yet got you a scolding too. Sehun's P.O.V~ So I decided to call Luna, because I wanted to escape the hyungs' photoshoot, we already did the group pictures so it's alright, when I was about too, Baekhyun started teasing me with things like "Oh, so the maknae has an interest in someone? You're never the one to start talking first, Sehunnie" I gave him a look then said "It isn't a crush, interest, it's just my chingu Luna, and I'm not usually but she offered to hang out with me" okay, she didn't but I just want out right now. "Oh it's a girl, and hang out? Where the movies? Coffee shop? Bubbletea? Or the park?" Pft, who did he think it was? If he thinks it's someone who took my interest, "I don't know, but I'll find out~ peace out" and with that I left while I called her. "Hey, it's Luna what's up?" "Hey, nothing much just wanting to escape the photoshoot site, you?" "Heading to the airport to pick up some of my chingus from Daegu and Busan, and Sehun don't you still have the other photoshoots to do?" Daegu? Busan? Who is she waiting for, and it's freezing she's probably walking I'll give her a ride "I already finished those, did you remember my schedule? Wow, but if you want I'll give you a ride" "Yes, I remember a bit of your schedule not the whole thing, and you sure it's fine you know?" "It's freezing and as your oppa I must be kind" with that last statement she started to laugh, it was honest though. "Right, oppa *still laughing* but either way I'm fine" "Fine, yea right, tell me the address" she should get the hint I'm too stubborn. Luna's P.O.V~ After telling Sehun the address of the shop near me, I was waiting but texted Taehyung before he left the airport, "Tae, don't leave the airport after you land, I'm coming to pick you guys up with my friend so don't you dare leave me hanging at the airport or I'll make you clean my house I swear I would." That wasn't a lie, once he came over left me at the airport but when he found my address I acted like I moved out until a good ten through thirty minutes. He got my text then responded with "Okay, I won't and who this friend? Is it a guy? Holls? And trust me I know you would, but who coming with you?" He is already wondering, to say Sehun or just say it's a secret just to surprise them both? I never mentioned that it was Taehyung, Jimin, and Jungkook, okay let's just put it as "You'll find out, it's a secret but I'm coming soon" and just before I turned off my phone I got his message of "Hmp.." I swear he is a child at times. Now I'm waiting at this coffee shop for Sehun 'oppa', aish I can't  believe that he still wants me to say oppa when he is only two years older, pft Taehyung hasn't even requested me to call him oppa since we have a one year difference. While speaking of him looks like he finally came "Luna, I'm here get in the front" "Alright, let me put the address in the GPS to help us reach our destination quicker" with a smile, and after making sure both our seatbelts on then Sehun put on the songs from his new album EXODUS, I sang the songs while he rapped. It was pretty smooth until we heard a high note we both can't reach. We looked at each other then basically had expression of fear thinking its a saesang fan but next thing I hear is  "Byun Baekhyun!!" And "Hyung?!?!!" I'm sitting here thinking 'when did he get in the car?? Was he hiding this whole time?' After hearing about he was waiting about ten minutes he decided to let us know that he entered the car, and then we reached the airport. "If you guys want I can get my friends and then take a taxi, I don't want to be more of a burden" Baekhyun gave me a look of understanding but then stated "Nonsense, Sehun and I will wait for you guys, don't worry but go get them" he gave me his rectangle smile when I gave him one in return then left to find them. "Yah! Luna! We're here!" Remind me later to hit Taehyung on the head for saying 'Yah!' Either way I gave Jimin, Taehyung, and Jungkook a hug then lead them to Sehun's car. "I'm back Sehun" "Okay!~ they can put their stuff in the back" "alright" with that Taehyung pulled me to the side and asked "Did you say Sehun? As in EXO's Sehun?" Ohhh right, now I see the issue "Yes, it's EXO's Sehun and Baekhyun, but don't worry we are close and they won't bring in awkward moments chill" and then I head into the front seat to have Sehun and Baekhyun whisper or more like shouted in my ear "HOW DO YOU KNOW BTS?? And why did they come to see you? Are you dating one of them?" Again with the questions, aish love these guys but really now. "Yes, it's the maknae line of BTS, and no I know them because I met Taehyung and we are close friends now chill". During a somewhat awkward introduction let's just say they acted chill then let's just say we had a mini party on the thirty minutes route to my house. Time skip onto Luna's house with the maknae line of BTS/Bangtan.... Taehyung's P.O.V~ After our car party we finally reached Luna's house, it hasn't really changed still the same as I remember. Before we walked into the house, I noticed she kept talking to our sunbaes Sehun and Baekhyun hyung, she kept smiling and talking causally with them but I don't know why I'm feeling somewhat outcasted, no that's a lie she is probably thanking him for the ride. "Hey hyung, you look serious, is there something wrong?" Jungkook asked me, "No nothing is wrong just jet-lagged" "Kim Taehyung, stop lying I know something is wrong and it has to deal with Sehun sunbae and Luna" Jimin stated, I just was in a bit of shocked he noticed this so quickly, while Jungkook gave me a look of curiosity. "Jimin, don't worry and I don't think Luna has did anything to~" cut off by her saying "I did what? Did I make you guys wait long? Mianhae (I'm sorry) it wasn't intended" Jimin just said "It's fine we didn't wait long chingu-ah" followed by Jungkook with "Yea, it's fine the hyungs and I were just waiting for around five minutes since Taehyung hyung told us to wait for you" "Ahhh okay, and Tae you alright you're serious and look super tired" aish she noticed, and these guys trying to cover this up pft. "I'm just jet-lagged as usual, Luna nothing new but let's head inside its early but we kinda escaped at midnight" her eyes grew wide but then she hit me lightly saying "If Seokjin oppa finds out you three snuck out to fly to here I swear I'm not taking responsibility, because last time Yoongi oppa freaking gave me a lecture for you coming here without permission" I started laughing while the guys just took their stuff inside while Luna was giving me a glare, "Yoongi and Seokjin hyung won't do anything we'll explain later, it's not like they aren't used to us escaping" "fine whatever but I swear if I get lectured again you guys are gonna go down with me" after a chorus of "araso, we promise". We headed off to sleep on her couch and spare guest room, but I went to her room but before anyone gets an idea I knocked before entering her room guys. While making my way to her room I kept hearing her say "It's gonna be fine Holls, also sorry for not making it back around 2:30 pm but on the bright side you have Chan with you, Tae? Me? Don't worry the boys got here safely, what?!? I'm not planning on doing anything like that!! And yea ill let them visit you while I pick you up from the hospital since I signed as your guardian. Yea, okay see ya later Holls" after hearing her I knocked before hearing "come in" she smiled and asked me if anything is wrong, I said no but then asked her the same thing only to hear her phase of I'm fine, not like I'm letting her off with that. "Tell me honestly, why is Holls in the hospital? And Chanyeol sunbae? And she still worrys about us too? I know you're worried also when did you start hanging out with Sehun sunbae too?" She gave me a look of hesitation and started to speak "Holls and Chanyeol recently started dating, he came for a tour and happened to live in Holls' neighborhood that's when I met Sehun and drank Bubbletea, and Holls fainted around three to five days ago that's why she is in the hospital she better just resting, but I'm just worried about how Jungkook is gonna take it since you and I both know what happened" she finished with a sadden whisper. Luna's P.O.V~ "..since you and I both know what happened" I finished chocking back my tears that threatened to fall, "She's still hurt that Kookie left her within a week you know? She's worry if something happens too soon.. Tae I promised I wouldn't let that happened but I can't control that I at most can prevent this... What if Chanyeol just leaves her like he didn't care for her?.. I'm just worried about this outcome" but with that last statements my tears did fall, aish I just hope Tae doesn't think that I'm stressing too much, "Luna is this why when you texted me it was always just short answers when I asked if you were fine?" Too late now he noticed, might as well spill it or else, it'll be a childish argument. "Yea it is, but the fact that Chanyeol could leave her like this and that Jungkook could come back wanting to fix what happened it could just caused heart break... I know he protected her by being dragged into a relationship with Esther but she believes he cheated on her!! Then when they broke up she thought it was because he didn't love her anymore and when he left she felt empty.. He left within one week yet she has been holding it in for a whole year now Tae".. Tae made me look into his eyes to try an make me believe that I need to be calm and then tell me "Be calm please, I know Jungkook is actually still hurting after he broke up with Holls he kept mumbling her name in his sleep, you hear the last track of our album THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENT IN LIFE PT.1 right? *waited for me to nod my head* He wrote the song 'Love is not over' for her Luna.. He even told me so, he still cares about her when he came he kept asking me and Jimin if Holls will forgive him or if she hates him.. They both still care" his late statement echoing while I just teared up but the fact she can get hurt again while Taehyung tried to assure me that everything will work out. Okay sorry this chapter is super long!! But I finally got to update and sorry it's mostly in Luna's,  and Taehyung's povs. I wanted to tell Holls and Jungkook's history together but by their closet friends, thanks for reading and that's it!! Please be patient for the seventh chapter!~
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