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Hello there my Nakama! Welcome to week 4 of Super Sunday!

As the Broncos go head to head against the Panthers in a the Super Bowl; I figured we'd have a super battle of our own This week on Super Sunday we have a cyborg battle as Genos from One Punch Man faces off against Franky from One Piece! Which cyborg will come out on top!


Genos is a cyborg who decided to become Saitama's deciple after he witnessed Saitama's decisive victory over Mosquito Girl. Genos is a S-Class hero currently ranked 14. Genos has many abilities including immense strength and speed. Genos has full battle ready prosthetics and armor and does not seem to feel any pain. Genos is equipped with incineration cannons in his palms that allow him to blast away his opponents. He has sensors that allow him to scan enemies. Genos has boosters in his feet that allow him to go top speeds. Genos also has arms mode that extend his cyborg arms and more than double his power.


Franky a cyborg on the Straw Hat Crew. Franky turned himself into a cyborg after colliding into a sea train trying to redeem his master Tom. Franky runs on cola as its his main power source. Franky has great strength being one of the strongest of the straw hat crew as well as superior hearing and fighting ability. His body is equipped with a wide variety of weapons. Franky can shoot rockets, extend his right arm, breath fire and shoot powerful blast of air through multiple parts of his body. Using a large amount of cola, Franky can shoot a powerful blast that he calls the Coup De Vent!
Who do you think will win? Voting starts when this orchard is posted and closes tomorrow at noon EST Thanks for reading everyone and have a great day! Keep up with all the days of the week events: click here! Keep up with all the Super Sunday cards: click here! @tbell2 @VoidX @hikaymm @Danse @InVinsybll
I don't know anything about Franky so I'm gonna have to go with Genos. Seeing the levels of power he can potentially put out (like with the meteor) I think he can handle most anyone except saitama.
Franky cause to me Genos always let's his guard down and gets completely wrecked for it
Cyborg Franky. he may not be as fast but he can take a beating and he wont go down. unlike genos who needs to be repaired after every battle he goes into.
I have to go with Genos xD fast and way more power than franky
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