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Hiya Nakama!!!!!! (: Its time for {February's Ships & Feels}!!!! So today is...

Share some of your Top 5 favorite ship fan art.*

*I emphasize, please please, post appropriate pictures in this card. In order to make this community a safe and fun one we must follow the common guidelines. @InVinsybll listed them out in this card. So here are my Top 5!!! understand this is a veryy hard list I have so many ships that I loveeee but here are the Top 5!

5. Howl x Sophie

Howl's Moving Castle These two are the most precious adorable couple ever!! Sophie and Howl are two very different people and throughout the movie these two grew because of the other. Howl taught Sophie to have more belief and self confidence in herself. And Sophie gave Howl him a reason to stop running away and a purpose to live. They are literally two peas in a pod and I cant see them woth anyone else. The adorable fact that she lights up his world in an instant in the movie and she doenst realize it until she starts to fall for him X3

4. Yamato Kurosawa x Mei Tachibana

Sukitte ii Na Yo This anime has all the feels and most of them go to this lovely couple!! They have had their fair share of mishaps, misunderstandings, arguments, insecurities people's past, and people trying to come in between them, and they power through that and still love each other through and through. That's is something to strive for in a relationship cx and they got it! They definitely prove that the popular guy can fall for the quiet shy girl because she is herself and he see and cherishes that. There may be hope for us shy girls!

3. Son Hak x Princess Yona

Akatsuki no Yona Okay these two get me allll the tiiimmmeee!!! As her guard Hak has seen Yona grow up as a pampered princess and then turn into this very strong, independent and beautiful woman! He has proved his loyalty and love for her and yet she still cant shake off the love she has/had of Su-won. As they adventure to find the Four Dragons these two get closer than ever before and I think Yona starts to feel something for the handsome guard. Even after it all Hak is not afraid to die for Yona and even Yona admits that she wants to be able to protect Hak and the Four Dragons. If that isnt a part of love idk what is haha cx

2. Kazuto Kirigaya x Asuna Y奴ki

Sword Art Online These two I think is high on many lists haha. They are an incredible power couple because they will protect each other no matter what When they were in Aincrad they fell in love and when they returned to they real world they fell in love all over again and their love for each other motivated them to keep going. You can see just see their love and happiness in their eyes in a heart beat! It is so apparent and beautiful to see them so happy after being in such a scary and life threatening world.

1. Naruto Uzumaki x Hinata Hyuga

Naruto These two will forever my number 1 because for the longest time Naruto never knew that Hinata was in love with him! The best part of this love story (its kinda bittersweet haha) is that Hinata loved him and saw him for who he was when no one else saw that about him. She saw past his rashness and recklessness. She was there for him when no one esle was. That shows true love right there! And when she risked her life for him agianst Pain and confessed I think that was so romantic but also like a punch to Naruto's face cuz he was such a dummy to not see how she felt all those years. Hinata proves to us that if you truly love someone then you should never give up and make the best of every moment you have with that special someone (X <333
So thanks for reading guys!!! (X So its your turn! Make your {FSF} response card and tag me in it! Also tag @InVinsybll @VoidX @Danse @hikaymm @TylerDurso in it as well!
Omg I love Hak x yona! They need to happen! You can obviously see that Hak has feelings for yona and they seriously need to make it canon! Of course I agree with your #1 and 2 because I love them!
In all seriousness though, I like your list. I would've switched our one pair, but that's just my personal taste. Hopefully everybody finds their one true love.
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@tbell2 it's an amazing Manga /anime
@NikolasSatterwh yesssss you should c:
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