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Well, I'll be having *alot* of details (as I told you, @tbell2) and I'll be having links to various of my info-articles for those who want to explore deeper and more in full of the broad spectrum that makes an anime an anime XD This challenge was created by my dear friend and fellow Mod-supporter of the Japanese Anime Community, @tbell2 :) And yes...this challenge was issued a long time ago but better late than never, right? Klick here for the original post and challenge. All the details can be found there :) Mine will contain more XD






Technical Aspects

1. Which production studio would be responsible for making my anime?

For my anime, I would either choose "Bones" for their great art-works in both Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood and Zetsuen no Tempest or "Madhouse" because Madhouse (they are simply the best). My reasons for picking Bones is their portrayal and execution of the "Zetsuen no Tempest" anime, using a more dulled down tone to their choice of colours and adding more depth and contrast to the colours that needs to pop and stand out. Their overall animation is fluid and very solid, depending on the scenes and can have a really great knack for getting the best fight-scenes in both FMA:B and Zetsuen no Tempest. My reason for Madhouse would *not* be their take on One Punch Man, No Game No Life or Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei but rather their portrayals with Death Parade and Death Note (yes, Madhouse made Death Note). For more info, klick here for a full-length article on Anime Production Studios made by yours truly ;)

2. What's the genre?

For my story, it's a sure fit of: - Thriller (main) - Action - Psychological Klick here for a full-length article about the genre Thriller in anime, also made by yours truly ;)

3. How many episodes?

I'll explain ahead what my story will be about, but I'm sure that it'll need 2 seasons consisting of 24 episodes each, and maybe even more having several OVAs and side-stories where we follow a different character doing other...stuff...;)

4. Colours used?

Mostly grayed colours, to allow the contrast when using vivid colours like red (for blood) more stated and significant Klick here for another full-length article in what colours are and how to use them, again, made by yours truly ;)

5. Any kind of music in mind?

For this anime, I need something that is both raw and refined at the same time during both in intensive sequenses and more melow ones as well. Klick here for yet another full-length article in what OSTs are and how they can be used in an anime. Yes, made by yours truly...

6. (Unnecessary detail) When would it be released during the year?

Since it's a thriller, I think having it play on the Fall&Winter season fits it perfectly although it would be interesting making the contrast of a dark anime to the bright sun of Spring&Summer season

The Story

1. What is it about?

No grabs on this one guys, I'm trying to write a book about it already XD We follow a young (former) college-student who has just moved from Europe to the U.S. to study there when an organisation will hold a nation-wide underground contest, unbeknownst to the general public. And poor Omega (Code-name) has become one of the chosen ones. They kidnap him and set him up for the game...a deathgame.

2. Rules, Incentives & Parameters

Every contender gets: - A Smart-watch strapped and locked onto their wrists. This watch has unlimited battery and serves several functions - A small but lethal bomb is placed inside their brains - A pen which can be transformed into a sword by three rapid klicks in a row (what sword? Depends on the contender) - A drug induced into each contender to elavate their need for survival and fear of Death, making them fight harder and more vicious to stay alive - A new identity and their past memories "blurred". All are assigned a code-name but they do get new IDs and Passports Here are the rules: - The watch displays multiple functions other than the time of day, as it shows a timer for the time of the wearers death by the small bomb inside their brains. To extend the time, a contender must kill another contender, place their watch against the fallen foes watch and more time shall be given. A small pointer at the bezels of the watch-face shows the wearer the closest contenders position. The closer the contenders get to each other, the bigger the pointer becomes until they are within 10 km from each other. Depending on what kind of assassination is desired to take place, a name might be displayed, a face might be shown or simply a pulse of light is shown that blinks faster the closer you get to the target. - In rare situations, two contenders are allowed to form a party and stay alive together. This depends if they are compatible with each other and once the two contenders form a pact, their times are given an average and if the timer runs out, both die. If one member of the party kills the other, the party member who killed is killed by the bomb inside their brains. The amount of members in a party is unlimited, it'll mostly be dependent on how many you gather. Nothing happens if one of the members is killed by someone outside the party. - As the targets become further and further away from each other, time will be exponetially higher in ratio to how many contenders there are left, as it will of course be harder and longer to reach the next available target. In the starting month, a kill grants the time of an extra day. But later on, it could be a reward of several days if not even weeks. When there's a confirmed 75%, 50% & 25% of the contenders still alive, a short pause in the game takes place for one week, allowing for re-supply or upgrading. And the contenders don't know how many contenders there are on the field. So they have to kill and kill and the counter will move downwards. Remember that the killings happen throughout the country, in various places, at once. - Any weapon is allowed to be used. But everyone starts with the Pen-sword. - A kill also grants 1 Skull (death-currencies) that can buy time (extremely expensive) or a redirect to a Helper and much more - Helpers are regular people who are recruited by the organisation, but they know that there's a death-game going on. Should you decide to visit one, a Helper will give you anything that this specific Helper might specialize in. You could get ammo, equipment (computer or gadgets), weapons, money or even a car. Most Helpers will have an assassination assignment for the contender to accept, so the Helper can be a Loyal Helper. This means a re-visit might not be such a bad idea. These assassination-missions will temporarily remove the contender from the game and pause the death-timer. Should the contender succeed, the timer simply resumes and nothing else happens (other than gaining the loyalty of the respective Helper). Should the contender fail, the time left is shortened with half of the remaining time. (One or two of these missions, most probably the first, will be featured in the main-story. The rest can serve as OVAs) - The Starting time every contender gets is 48 hours - They all start in secluded locations. Alone. These rules and parameters are shown on a TV/Tablet that the contender must activate to get out of the location, starting the timer and informing the rules The parameters are: - The borders of USA. You step outside, you die - Anyone else not involved in the game shall remain unbeknownst to the game's existence. If the secret is revealed, the informed party as well as the contender dies (the contender dies through the bomb and the informed person shall be assassinated)

3. Any anime you could draw reference to?

- Deadman Wonderland - Mirai Nikki - Phantom: Reqiuem for the Phantom

4. Setting?

A similar USA to what we have today. Just corrupted by an organisation XD

5. How is the story played out?

First, it starts with introducing the rules, the world and the main character to the new game of death he's about to attend. Next off, a Lelouch/Light analysis of the rules and understanding the parametres set in order to stay alive. Then, the story follows two paths at the same time, one with the occasional new events such as discovering something for the game, learning or training with a new weapon, a visit to a Helper, forming a party and of course, the engagement between two contenders: A Fight to the Death. The other part is the more general stuff in-between, one where we see our character(s) decent into madness and loss of humanity along the progression of the game, numbing themselves from the pain and separating themselves from their emotions and feelings to manage to stay alive by killing their kin. This is mainly the biggest part as we get to just what it can take outside the field of battle in order to survive. This means displaying their emotions and actions and their thoughts.

6. Is there a main-villain?

Kinda. Other than the organisation itself, one of Omega's early targets will be playing the villain. They first encounter each other, have a brawl and decide to walk away in opposite directions. He will be re-visiting Omega multiple times

7. My role?

A contender isn't really my style (although I think I could get pretty far if I had to). I'm more of a Helper. I'd supply Omega with a suitable car, some custom weapons and cash and what-nots XD My assassination-mission for him would be an infiltration. In a goverment-controlled building, he's to infiltrate and assassinate the cheif there and gather a special code from a main-frame computer. After that, I can help him through the phone and such if he needs more info in a certain place or needs more supplies. The Helper I am would be one of the more...high-end and top-tiered...;)

We've talked about...

- Story (Originality) - Deathgame - Emotions Each link gets you to a full-length article of the subject (Deathgame is a "Quick Why anime?"). All written by yours truly ;)

The Main Character

1. Personal Data

Not much will be known about Omega. But this is what is important to know: - Age: 17 - Sex: Male - Skin-colour: Caucasian - Eye-colour: Green - Hair-colour: Black/Brown

2. Strengths

- Agile/Light - Endurance over speed - Great ability to Adapt - Over average Reflexes - Smarter than average - Rational - Good Hand-to-Hand and CQC (Close Quarter Combat) skills - Exceptional Learner. Masters the different weapons available and some a bit unique like the Sniper Rifle - Very good in Stealth - His abilities in Speech is average - Improviser

3. Weaknesses

- Impulsive - Trust-issues - Emotional (can be seen as good and/or bad in combat) - Average in Tech, but only with the really basic stuff like a computer - Low skills in Explosions and Poison - Although he takes care of his party, they can become a liability for his survival - ??? (Unknown Fear/Psychological/Physical/Mental Problem) - Can plan ahead but usually leaves no Plan B (All-in Player) - Improviser

4. Style of Attack

- Often aggresive yet controlled - Prefers Hand-to-Hand and using Swords/Knifes rather than guns - He does, however, use a hand-gun and Sword in tandem - Goes Head-on - Climatised to most enviroments - Improviser

5. Relevant Data

- Choice of Pen: Katana - Choice of Weapons on the field: AK-47 (or G36C), Colt 1911, Mk14-EBR, Katana. All fire-arms silenced and custom made - Armor: Light - Recieved Car: Nissan GT-R (given by me through a second assassination-mission) - Loyal Helper: Me (Codename: @VoidX)

More info:

- Age - Swords Again, info-articles, by me...XD

Links to various relevant "Why anime?" info-articles

So... I guess a "Thanks for reading this" is in order :)

So. Several Questions now :)

- Would you be a contender or a Helper?

- What would your Pen-sword be?

- Any particular weapons you'd like to use?

- Would you team up?

Thanks for reading! //VoidX X
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