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So just a few days ago I celebrated my birthday and I am now a very happy 19 year old! My birthday was why I didn't get this up sooner. So lucky me XD onto the chapter!
The day started out like any other had. No one could really take away what they were waiting on, Natalia thought as she lounged on Aria's bed. Branden was toying with his phone at Aria's desk, where Natalia could see the notebook that held their routines, sitting open for all to see. The blonde sighed, running a hand through her hair as she listened to what was going on downstairs. She could hear Aria arguing with her mother about going to go get the mail. Her mother knew what they were waiting for and knew that if Aria left she would be all alone with her husband.
It honestly disgusted Natalia at the way Aria's mother acted around her. She always made sure that Aria was involved in whatever punishment that the woman may get from her husband as a result of whatever the older woman had done. Branden turned around in the chair and flipped through the notebook that was sitting on the desk. His dark grey eyes were trained on the notebook that was laid upon the desk and were studying the moves that were drawn inside. Natalia knew for a fact that it was going to be something to see, for everyone. Aria just had this way of drawing in people with whatever she did, whether it be her drawings, her dances or her attitude. It was only a matter of time before her stepfather realized what Aria could do, and once he did, it was going to be dangerous, one way or another.
Aria glared at her mother before turning around and made her way out the front door. She knew that her friends upstairs could hear the argument between the two of them and honestly, it didn't bother the young woman in anyway. The brunette sighed to herself and shook her head as she headed to the mail box. Walking down the driveway she waved to her neighbor who smiled back at her. The woman was playing with her little boy, and was the one who usually treated Aria when she was hurt.
"Hello Lillian." Aria said as she opened the mail box and pulled out the mail.
"Hello Aria." Lillian laughed as Jacob ran around her legs. "How are you?"
"I'm better." Aria admitted with a shrug.
A dark look flashed across the older woman's face as she looked at the brunette. A soft sigh escaped the young woman as she looked through the mail and her eyes widened when she saw one certain letter. It was what she had been waiting on.
"Did you get it?" Lillian asked.
"I did." Aria said excitedly.
A grin curled the young woman's lips as she clutched the letter in her hands tightly before running up the driveway, waving good bye to the older woman.
Once inside the house Aria threw the mail except her letter onto the table. Her mother stared at her with a frown as Aria took off up the stairs to her room where she knew her two friends were. Throwing open her door she saw that Natalia and Branden were staring at her notebook where she had been working on a new routine for the three of them. The two jumped and turned to Aria with wide eyes as they trained on the letter in her hands. Aria took a seat on the bed, Natalia following behind her as Branden stood from the desk.
Natalia stared at her best friend as the brunette opened the letter with shaky hands. her green eyes opened widely as she turned to the blonde sitting next to her and squealed excitedly. Aria threw the letter at Natalia before throwing herself at Branden who caught her with ease, despite the young man's slim frame. The only blonde lowered her eyes to the letter before yelling excitedly.
"We're going to Korea!" Natalia screamed.
So tell me below what you thought of this first chapter and what you think is going to happen next. If you would like to be tagged and are not on the tag list already please tell me below. If you would like to be removed please tell me now before we get later on in the chapters.
happy birthday !!! secondly this is amazing so far!!!
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