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So this lifestyle has been going around for ages even before I was born and I'm sure before you was born and it's a little something I like to call "KINKS", or to break it down , being a dominant or submissive ,a top or a bottom a master or mistress to their slave, or being a brat to mama or daddy! As I'm sure some witness the lite side of it in 50 shades of Grey, but its actually more entriquent and luxe than portrayed on the big screen. So with valentines day approaching, its a topic I want to explore with the community and gives juicy ideas maybe on some "KINKS" you'd share this coming holiday, and if your a Cosmo reader, some one had the same thoughts, with there article in this months edition. How would it be defined: For starts S&M, BDSM, Kink, Vanilla Sex, Sub to Master, Sub to Mistress, or sex slave, Brat to Daddy or Mama, Key to Key holder, and etc. Here is the urban dictionary term: S&M, Domm, Master,Mistress, sub or slave, switch, etc... 1: Sadism and Masochism  The practice of using pain as a sexual stimulant. Some variants of S&M include  * Breast torture  * Spanking  * Whipping  * Gagging Also to include, a TMI moment: * Vaginal torture ()... * 'CBT,' Cock and Ball Torture  * Asphyxiation  * Hot wax  *flogging *Caning *Anal and butt play *Full on suspension in the air I don't know about you, but the list goes on, and I left out some but post most ppl would impose a "Hell No" to doing. But hey, it also might have put you in interest, like myself. Can't knock it til you tried it and its different levels to this iish apparently, I actually began research with online play, its sites such as Whiplr, Vanilla Umbrella, fetlife that introduced experience and new comers a taste of this lifestyle.
So back to the Question at hand, "would you be a submissive", or slave??? Let's define submissive and keep in mind I'm not talking about The Stepford wives either. or a woman being a lady in the street and sub for he man. IM TALKINH OF BEING IN THIS LIFESTYLE WITH A STRANGER WHOM YOULL GET TO KNOW AS YOUR MASTER OR MISTRESS!?! SO as defined: Submissive: Inclined or ready to submit or yield to the authority of another; unresistingly or humbly obedient: submissive servants. 2. marked by or indicating submission or an instance of yielding to the authority of another: a submissive reply. hmmmmmm, would you? But keep in mind this is considered a journey, another life partner, would you even include your partner, or have your partner become one for you or vice versa. Earlier I mentioned the holiday and how is coming around where some couples may need to spice up their relationship and their love life. And then you have some couples that are very comfortable with each other and want to venture out on different things in different lifestyles to maybe partake in or bring into their own bedroom. for the most part just to get personal I feels like I can bring this to my man at any time and he will appreciate it one because it shows open and it shows I'm confident and it shows that I want him to be in control and that's most men they love to be in control. in between you and I well I've done it I've enjoyed it and I think that if you have an open mind and you like to explore new things it's something to partake in and it doesn't have to come off all grungy or vulgar or nasty or dirty like you may think it can be an actual sexual act and very explosive if you know what each other's temperaments and boundaries are. I'm sure like the movie and if you done your research that she know within the scene that they use safe words. and most of the time the safe word is never used unless like I said before it's something that is completely deranged or unwanted. so now for the community I am taking all comments and ideas of what you think about this sweet I want to know how you see yourself and if you ever would see yourself partaking in this lifestyle it's just some clean sexual conversation so I'm trying to start this to see how people's minds are in this 2016 year.
For more reads try, and don't be scared of Documentaries on YouTube, also apps to look at are Whiplr, Vanilla Umbrella, both are very private and discreet. One more online site is Don't forget comments, let's start a convo Vingle! I wish you love, peace & Pleasure! XO -Cocoa
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I'm a life long Master. If the right female came, I'd consider it