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Did you ever hear the stat that there is enough food in the USA alone to feed the whole world? Yet MILLIONS of people go hungry every night and people just don't seem to see how fucking ridiculous that is.
We have stores LOADED with food and people who are insane about expiration dates (most of which are totally made up by food companies to sell MORE food.) So what do you think happens to the thousands of tons of food that "expires"?
It gets thrown in the trash as kids down the street from that very store starve.
Not only does the food get thrown out, some businesses even throw blench on perfectly good food so no one can take the food from the dumpster. The police arrest dumpster divers for thief and minimum wage employees fear firing of an apple that is suppose to be thrown out anyway. We are making hunger a crime and normalizing human beings trying to survive by eating food from the trash.
And it is downright disgusting.
However, just recently, France unanimously passed a law that forces grocery stores to donate all food that would normally be thrown out to food charities to feed the homeless and hungry! Now it is legal AND MANDATORY for TONS (literally) of food to be used to feed the hungry instead of tossed in the trash and wasted.
Under this law storeowners can not purposely spoil food that can be donated, and will attend food waste prevention education classes to teach huge companies why having a smaller food waste footprint is important!!
I just have to say, while this is not a way to completely end word hunger, this law is definitely moving in the right direction. Hopefully more countries follow Frances example because the amount of food we are wasting every year can save millions of lives.

What do you think about Frances new law?

I think it's great. The problems these store owners face though is our government makes it illegal to give away these items in some cases and in others they face responsibility if soneone gets sick from it. Companies worry they could be sued...the craziness goes on and on. I saw a store I once worked at throw out truckloads of frozen food, because the power had been out for x amount of time, but the stuff was still frozen. Such a waste. I totally agree. With proper training and distribution these foods could be a God send to hungry people, but there are always going to be greedy vultures in the background looking to take advantage of this situation as well. Some regulation would definitely need to be put into place.
There were companies that voluntarily donate foods near its expiry date to the homeless, but they got sued coz some guy got sick from eating the food. After that most of the companies withdrew its donation.... If France is making food donation mandatory, they need to make sure people not gonna abuse the system
this is a great idea. it's about time someone stepped up to the plate and stopped just thinking about profit.
Yes, it's definitely a step in the right direction, but like @JackieMurrayCab said, it's not always in the hands of the markets at all. Government regulations and liability protection can make it very, very hard to do the right thing. When the government is constantly breathing down your neck, all you can think about is protecting your business, even if you really DO want to help people by giving away your surplus. It's really sad.
I think its a good idea! They just need to make a law stating that they can't sue if someone gets sick by chance.
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