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Basically this is just me telling you guys what is to come and what I'm writing, hopefully this is somewhat helpful for everyone!~ ^^ Random song recommendation while reading this: Infinite's Put An End To This ^^
Oneshots: *1/10/16* I have two oneshots coming out very soon, I'm just making a cover for them at the momment~ They are called "Jealous or Not" with BTS (Bangtan Boys)'s Rap Monster (Kim Namjoon) and the second is called "Coffee Spilled" with BTS (Bangtan Boys)'s V (Kim Taehyung) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *1/23/16* Both oneshots are now out please check them out and tell me what you think! I hope it has a bit of appeal towards some ^~^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *2/7/16* So far my two one shots have been out, but I'm putting a twist on one of them. "Coffee Spilled" will have a second part added but I ask for your patience. Thank you for taking the time to actually read my oneshots, I appreciate it a lot~
Imagines: *1/10/16* I have one imagine coming out soon which I hope will appeal to others and is enjoyable~ The one imagine is called "Friends since you signed" which involves all of BTS (Bangtan Boys) members and two other characters at a fan sign ^^ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *2/7/16* The imagine "Friends since you signed" will be coming out once I make a cover for it, it is already a completed story for my friend Esther. I also plan on writing others about different guys using their albums, please tell me your thoughts on the idea~
Stories: *1/10/16* Sadly I don't have another already written but another is coming base on something from another app called Vingle, which will include all the BTS (Bangtan boys) members which I hope you guys enjoy fully At the moment the current one I'm writing ("All of a Sudden") is still continuing and I hope you been enjoying reading it so far~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *2/7/16* I have planned for three stories now, one is already out ("All of a Sudden") and I'm working on the covers and the chapters of my two others, I hope they appeal to you all in the end~
Requests: *1/10/16* You guys can request anything you'll like to see one here or on my account (here is link:, I'm open to anything but please know if you want me to write smut it will be awkward but I would still try, also I'm fine with angst too (currently thinking of writing one, haha) Please have fun requesting and thanks for reading and thanks!~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ *2/7/16* Hey! I'm still able to take requests but it will take long due to me writing others and making cover along with my heavy impact of school work~ please understand and I hope that if you're willing to request I'm willing to write, once again thank you!~
@sarahdarwish thank you!~ I really do appreciate you reading them~
I love your stories! ❤️
@Miss148 aww you do? I'm very glad and thank you for much~ ^^
Keep doing your best! and love your stories BTW!
@MsLoyalHeart no need to thank me, I'm just happy you actually wanna read them ^^' hehe
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