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Our Life
It is not possible that we should really enjoy being chastened. Indeed the Bible says, “No chastening for the present seemeth to be joyous, but grievous.” Not even the grace of God in our heart can take the sting out of chastening. We are not expected, then, to like it. But we are told not to despise it. That is, we are to accept it without murmuring, without complaining, and reverently, as God’s messenger to us, bringing a blessing. It should help us to accept chastening to remember that it is our Father’s chastening. He would not take pleasure in causing us pain, nor would He do it at all, were it not in some way for our good. We should not despise any instruction our Father gives us, however costly and painful it may be. He lets us suffer because He loves us, and would make our lives beautiful and holy. We should be willing to endure any pain or trial in order to have the likeness of Christ fashioned in our life.