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This is tough to pick.. We have a bunch of gems in the MCU... But I'm going with..
RDJ, yes! I believe this was the perfect casting. He is no longer RDJ, he is Tony Stark. RDJ took the role of Stark and he knocked it out the park. His personality shines through the character and he also brought many features of the character from the comic to the screen. He has the attitude, the look, the whole shabang. It's sometimes hard to translate some characters from paper to the screen and he actually nailed it.
Yup, nailed it!
Great choice! I absolutely agree. I've been a fan of his acting for so long...since back when he made Chaplin when I was a kid. He's one of my favorite living actors. He's done amazing work and it's so much fun to see him do Tony Stark!! ❤️
I think what amazes me is that the comics have really changed to reflect the way he depicted the character. Nobody can imagine Tony Stark as anything else now