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Its like chicken wings and beer, chips and dip, sex trafficking and The Superbowl. The big game is the largest, most-watched single-day sporting event in the world. Unfortunately, this means that the sex trafficking industry INCREASES during the weekend leading up to the game with women and girls being brought and sold for pregame parties and tailgating.
Nita Belles, managing director of anti-trafficking nonprofit called In Our Backyard discussed the truth behind sex trafficking and football. She discusses that while it is impossible to determine just how big of an increase this sporting event causes, we can make a good estimate using the advertisements on the trafficking website! There is a 30-300% increase of sex slave ads in preparation for the game. This means thousands of extra people are being sold to fulfill the high demand.
Belles also stresses that while sex trafficking does increase on the day of, that doesn't mean that normal days has a low number. The buying and selling of people for sex is the largest form of modern day slavery. This horror happens every day and it isn't just people being shipped in crates to the States. Thousands of American citizens are forced or tricked into sex slavery daily.
The only way to stop sex trafficking is to become educated on the facts and teach others that none of these people are willing participants.

Modern day slavery is one of the darkest parts of our society and I think its time that this issue comes to the forefront of the conversation don't you?

Just what we need: Football as a distraction from one of the main problems we have going on now.
What? Really? Sick.
@LizArnone The NFL should take some responsibility and do something to raise awareness of the issue and raise funds to combat it. @mchlyang what do you think?
@Patmanmeow @InPlainSight it's pretty insane that everyone knows about the game but no one really knows about this revolting issue. Education is key to reaching an end of this !!
@InPlainSight I definitely agree. A lot of sporting events have started doing PSAs when it comes to drinking in response to the increase in DUI accidents that happen after games. Why would this be any different?