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Korea has made a ton of erotic films, but what are the 10 best Korean erotic movies? Here are my picks.

Although there is plenty of sex to be had, the best Korean erotic movies aren’t just about having sex. These movies look at the different ways sex affects our lives by looking at sex and violence, sex and food, sex addiction and the kinky madness that is BDSM.

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haha I'm too awkward to understand sexy stuff like this @KoreanFan
@nicolejb they may be sexy.. cause there were too many sex scenes.. but it doesn't mean that they are all bad.. most of the movies listed in that video were great.. and i guarantee "They are not Porn" :)
Well thanks for the clarification:) @KoreanFan
The Housemaid is a CLASSIC! I saw the remake when it came out and I remember everyone leaving the theatre TOTALLY freaked out hahaha Personally I like the original more though - way creepier!
@kpopandkimchi ha ha ha :)