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Let's go on a trip to the Carnival! The nice thing is I know we have the State Fair and a Mardi Gras festival going on sadly I'm not sure where.
I can picture his grin while I blush massively at him.
I hope it's because he's comforting cuz I got scared and not the other way around.
*blushes* are we at least dating? does he really like me?
I'm not big on cotton candy but I'd be happy to share some with him.
Awww how sweet. I see he's trying to get me to forget about Suga kissing me......>.> it's slowly working. just keep up that handsome smile.
Taehyung needs to stop before he kills me......
Huhhh wait where'd he come from I was so distracted by Tae! I kinda feel awkward now....

No Kookie but I did get Tae and Yoongi. Though I was completely distracted by Tae. I honestly had to go back through just to see that I did get Jin and Jimin also. Gahhh evil biases! Oh well I'm not complaining too much haha.

I'd like to thank everyone that clipped and liked my other card. I was shocked to see so many notifications, I felt really special. Now let's all give a big round of applause to @PrincessUnicorn for making this card. Now for the tagging. @ninjamidori @TiffanyBibian @shisuschrist @kieuseru @justcallmekyki @AubriePope @SabrinaKeovilay @H8rt4u @AlittleJoy @KPOPER1 @Kagamine381 @karinajune1017 @RainbowRadio @SuperJuniorelf @tinafalcon22 @poofy @aegyoxprincess @Mercedesbenz98 If you don't want to be tagged let me know. If you wanna be tagged please tell me and I'll start including you.
@ciabri22 oh wow! So it's kinda like Wattpad when you tag! Thanks for the advice, I'll have to start making cards:)
@KPOPER1 oh it is. thankfully most of the pop up when I type the"@" sign
@ciabri22 that could be hard to do from a phone, I should try making some, but trying to remember all of everyone users would be hard
@KPOPER1 I found making cards to be easy. it's the tagging part that I have a hard time with. I have the vingle app on my so I try to get it to recognize the names when I go to tag.
@ciabri22 ooh, I've never made a card so I wouldn't know how to tag people.
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