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--Happy Birthday, jagiya. You're going to meet me at the restaurant?-- I received that message from my boyfriend, Wooseok. I smiled as I looked at the message. He must've remembered my birthday. I half-expected him to forget what with him being busy with everything. Wooseok and I have been dating for several months. We met through my childhood friend, Gyu-jin, who is in his group. From the moment we met, something clicked and I immediately liked him....I think it was the red-hair. Anyway, today is my birthday and I was sitting at home bored with nothing to do other than age. My mom has sent me a card and my brother sent me a box in the mail. But I didn't want to bother Wooseok with this but he insisted that we did something. And when he has his mind set on something, it happens. -Thanks, oppa! I will see you there later today.- I smile to myself as I send the message. I can't wait to see him. I missed him so much. He's been busy with practice, promoting their new song 'Catch Me' (NA NA NA NAH NA NAH!! YOEGI YOEGI BUTERO....did I even spell that right?) and I didn't want to hold anything against him; knowing it wouldn't be his fault. Later that evening, I got dressed and did my makeup. I made sure to look extra nice for him. I did my hair and checked my makeup one last time before grabbing my keys and heading out the door with my jacket. I hoped into my car and started the engine. I drove down the boulevard to the little restaurant we decided to meet at. I parked and got out of my car. After locking the door, I walked into the restaurant and over to the hostess. "Uh...Excuse me?" I ask. "Yes, sweetie? How may I help you?" She smiled. "I have a reservation under Bon Na-Ri." I tell her. Oh. You're the first one here. Would you like to be seated?" She asks, gathering some menus. "Yes, please." I bow slightly. She smiles as my politeness and leads me to the table we reserved. She placed the menus down and asked my drink order. "Water would be fine for now." She nods at my answer and walked off. After she retrieved my water, she walked away to go back to the hostess desk. I played with my straw while I waited for Wooseok to arrive. I checked my phone for some messages. I received none. I looked around and saw a couple together. The guy fed his gilfriend some cheesecake. She smiled and blushed; him smiling back at her. I felt a twinge of envy. 7:12: -Wooseok, aren't you meeting me here?- 7:43: -Oppa! Where are you?- 8:25: -Did you get stuck at the practice room?- 8:49: -Why. Aren't. You. Answering?- Two hours past, and he still hasn't arrived. I was fed up and angry. He ditched me. I grabbed my jacket angrily and stood up, leaving the money for the bill on the table. I walked out of the restaurant and headed for my car. I got in and furiously turned the key; feeling tears leak down my face. I drove home quietly, the only sound was my sobs. I should be more understanding. Wooseok must have had a reason for this. But I couldn't help but feel hurt that he promised to celebrate my birthday with me but....not even call to cancel. I drove into the underground parking lot under my apartment building, putting my keys in my purse. I walked to the elevator, emotionally drained from crying. I pressed the number and waited patiently. The elevator dinged and I exited, getting my house keys from my bag. I put the keys in the lock and twisted. I opened the door and walked in, placing my bag on the table I have by the door. I closed the door behind me. I searched around for the light switch. It was so dark in here. Suddenly, the lights came on. "SURPRISE!!" I heard a large crowd of people say. I jumped slightly and looked around to see all my friends in my living room, holding glasses and dressed nicely. They start singing 'Happy Birthday'. I heard a familiar voice amongst all the others. I looked to my left to see my Wooseok....walking toward me with a nice cake. They finished singing, cueing me to blow out the candles. I blew softly, blowing out the beautiful candles that decorated the cake. Everyone cheered, some calling out happy birthdays. When they all finished, the music started again, and everyone continued talking amongst themselves. Wooseok walked back to the kitchen and put the cake down. He walked back, took my hand and led me to the balcony. I was still stunned. I have yet to say one word. "(Y/N)? Are you okay? Are you crying?" So much concern was written all on his face. He brought his free hand up to wipe away the tear. "I'm so sorry I made you go through this. That was the only way I could get you out of the house. Please don't cry." He begged. I reached up and hugged him. He was taken aback. His strong arms wrapped around my waist. "Thank you so much, Wooseok." I cried into his shirt. "No need to thank me, baby. It was my pleasure." He smiled down at me sweetly. He put his hand under my chin and brought my up, to kiss me. I cherished the kiss as best as I could. He pulls away and looks down at me, lovingly. "And...happy birthday."
It's so cute >u< but I would have said: "I love you for this, but left me there for two hours...but I still love you" πŸ˜‚πŸ˜… but either way, it's super cute I love it ^^
I still would've been like......... But you still left me there for 2 hours....... But I IGDITSTUTUSGKXGIDIR XD