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@KellyOconnor I don't know if you tagged me in your cards or if I just came across it. Go to this card by @PrettyEmm to get the instructions. it's pretty simple. I do recommend you do the shuffle with your Kpop songs.
1. The same company of the 1st groups/persons song is the company you belong to. Exo- XOXO SM Entertainment I'm for this. lol
2. The 1st singer is your boyfriend. Seo in Guk- Mellow Spring Funny I just love this guy...I didn't even realize how many dramas he is in... he's even my background on a chat. :)
3. Location of where you met. On a set of stairs. Soyou and Junggigo feat Lil Boi of geeks- Some Like a random meeting that's cute
4. Last singer of the song is trying to get between you and your boyfriend. Exo-The First Snow Baekhyun Boy no you need to stay away!
5. Third singer/rapper is your BFF. Jin- cover of Mom yay I love him we bffs that like to eat
6. The song you Boyfriend dedicates to you. Shinee- Ring Ding Dong Omg that's too funny
7. The song you dedicate back to him. BTS- Dope yes I would totally dedicate this to my boyfriend lol
8. Number of months/ years of this groups debut is the number of years you've been together. Girls Generation- wait a minute 9 years!!!! See and this is why Baekhyun couldn't get between us.
9. First song you danced to at your wedding. EXO- Girl X Friend I love this song!
10. Number if Members signifies the number of children you had. Onew- In your eyes ha so just 1 ....unless I have to do the group he's part of then 5
11. The first rappers name so what you'll name your first child. Taeyang- This ain't it. He doesn't Rap in this song but that's ok.
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Ring ding dong as the song dedication though, but I'm totally willing to try ^^
The dedication songs are great omg πŸ˜‚πŸ‘