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Artist skip all the way to the bottom ~Lai~ "Stay safe Lai" I fought the urge to scream, "How?" as the door slowly closed, trapping me inside with him. Him. I didn't even know his name. J-something. I didn't even want to know his name. I've seen his brother. He would be just the same. And he touched me. I shuddered while facing the door, remembering the feel of his hand around my shoulder. "You know what Lai," he said. I instantly turned up to look at him, almost afraid that a gun would be pointed at my face. He laughed."Oh wow, did I already start scaring you? And I haven't even started the plot to hurt all of the hairs on your head" he said, grinning so huge that all of his teeth showed. I simply glowered at him. His wide grin slowly retracted back into a sort of embarrassed smile. He seemed to fumble to find words, opening and closing his mouth a few times before he could finally say something "Geez," he started to rub the back of his head, "bad joke?" I let out a giggle that I couldn't suppress, "Yes. Yes it was." "So you speak!" All traces of shame he had just moment before disappeared. "But seriously, as much I like watching you nod. I wouldn't mind hearing your voice every once in a while." "Thank you uh... uhm... J..." He cocked his head at me, "I've spent a whole two minutes with you and you still don't know my name... Lai?" He dramatically placed the back of his hand on his head, "I think... I think I should cry. Yup I think I'll do just that." I could only imagine the shade of red I flushed. I should have left it at thank you. I suppressed the urge to bury my face in my hands as he fake-pouted at me "I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I know it starts with J! I just didn't reme "It doesnt start with J." He said, stopping me mid-rant. "Huh?" I didnt even know the first letter. Im terrible. "Sorry, I squeaked. So what is it?" He stood there thinking about it, "Nah... Think Ill just tell you never." Again, I couldnt help but to laugh at him while I rolled my eyes, "Alright Ill just ask the funny haired guy." He scoffed at me, mimicking my eye roll in a much more dramatic manner, "Are you kidding me? You dont know his name either?" "Sorry... was a little distracted by someone pointing a gun at my face!" I retorted with twice as much sarcasm. "Oh right... listen sorry about that. But at least it took just 5 seconds to crack! My guess was 3. " he showed me another wide smile of his, that I couldnt stand. "Your compliments are really misleading you know?" He grinned at me again."Youre welcome. By the should probably take a shower. I feel like we wont have the luxury of that for long, and youre... kind of covered in blood and guts. Not the outfit I would have decided to pick... but hey... do you." "You think Im covered in blood because I want to be?! I almost got eaten by those stupid... stupid.." "Flesh munchers?" "Yeah, they can be a real pain in the ass, but you cant really blame them.....Its not like they want to be..." "Flesh munchers? We are SO not calling them that." "You see now that you say that. Im totally calling them that. Dibs on flesh munchers! Where do you keep your hammer anyways? Captain gave us orders remember?" I listened to him, and I hated the way he talked. He was Why isnt he terrified, Or freaked out, or even just worried? Does he think this is just a game? Does he think we cant really die? Does he know....that this is real?! "How! How can you smile like that? You could die! You could die right now! Why are you not scared?! Cant you just be even a little worried about your own life?!" He turned around at me. His smile fades a bit. "Couldn't I always have?" "Wh-what?" "Die. I could have always died. People have there own little count downs inside them that tells them when they were meant to die. Mine was always counting down. Its just now its counting faster. If this didnt happen. I still could of died young, in some tragic accident, but I wont get more time if I dont fight." I stared at him. Did he even know what he was saying? More time? Is he insane?! "So about that hammer. Where is it? " "Its... in my dads study room. He was fixing a loose nail last time I remember it. " "Good. Ill board off the house. You go take a shower. I promise I wont peak.... unless you want me to." "No way!" "Easy easy... I only kid. Somewhat. " And with that he walked off. I went my room, at a painstakingly slow rate, looking for a change of clothes. My didnt even seem like it. I looked at the window that they had broke getting in. Theres no way they can get in when its that high right? No...theres no way. I walked over to my closet picking out the first sweater my hand could touch. If zombies can come in the middle of July, why cant the cold? It was navy. I tossed it onto the bed along with a light blue button down shirt and some jeans. I kicked some, hopefully, durable combat boots in the general direction. And its these moments that I truly question my intelligence. I fell immediately to the hardwood floor, my already paining ankle now throbbing with newfound levels of pain. I clenched my teeth, taking in sharp, desperate breaths of air, too afraid to call out for that guy. I wasnt in the mood for his happiness and airy sarcasm. Itd only piss me off even more. I stay cradled in the fetal position long after the throbbing in my foot stopped. It felt comfortable. It actually felt, kinda safe. I couldnt think of any reason why here wasnt better than out there. With Keita risking his life, most likely for Juna. Kimi still wants Keita for herself. And Im stuck with the guy whos a perverted clown. I attempted to lift my head off the ground but my mind told me stay. I lazily kept myself to the ground. And then I thought the one thing he was right about: Blood and guts was nothing close to an outfit Id wear. Nor something Id want to smell like. I slowly stripped the clothes off and dragged myself to the bathroom, effectively trashing them, trying to tear the clothes as far as my mini-muscles could handle. I wouldnt look once at that trashcan again, not daring to ever remember what gruesome things lay on there. I hate lukewarm water. Its like the most disgusting thing in humanity to ever exist. Its water that tried being hot, failed, then tried being decently warm, then failed again. But the lukewarm water falling out from the shower was the greatest thing Ive felt since... a past couple of hours. I paused as I stared up at the showerhead in front of me. A couple of hours? Did it really all just turn crap this fast? And then again I realized: I can barely survive this one day. Before letting myself panic insanely, I stroked my hands through my mildly tangled hair, slowly remembering what my normal life is like. I reached for one the bars of soap behind me, not particularly caring which scent or amenities each one had. The scent of green tea hit me long before I saw the oblong, light green shape. Green tea soap. I whispered to myself, "Junas fav-" I cringed. Juna. My sister. The sister that I should love with all my heart. Its always been been like that. The sister who stole my crush, I said, sighing as I leaned against the bathroom wall letting the water run over my head, without even looking. Then I smiled a little. It turned into a grin. Before long, I was heartily laughing against the wall. "Isnt that hilarious? "I told myself, "The day I reveal well-kept feelings for Keita is the exact same day that Juna gets so close to him. The exact same day theyre almost inseperable. And shes blind! I laughed again holding my side from the lack of air now." "Juna, Juna, Juna, youre funny. Youre really funny. You think I havent noticed. No you little biscuit, Ive got you all figured out. You think youll just have your way with Keita? Think again. " How dare she? I paused again. Those words were almost meant to be together. How. Dare. She. "How dare she?" I said aloud again, "How dare she?!" I slammed the stupid soap into the tub, tired of seeing anything that reminded me of her, How dare she?! and I shut the faucet, irritated by being in the same shower as her. Kimi was right. She was right all along. Juna just cant do this. She knows she wants to be with him. And the worst part is: she wont even tell me. Her sister. The one that she should love with all her heart. But she doesnt. How dare she? I stormed out and wiped the lukewarm water out of my eye. It was one of the few things that I was happy about. Another thing that he was right about: the luxury of showers But when I saw the zombie trying to break through my window, I knew death was definitely something I had to be worrying about. I backed up to the bathroom door, as I watched it relentlessly thrash towards me. It was across from the entrance of the door but I couldnt run. Again, I couldnt even control my own body movements. Screaming it was all I knew how to do. "COME HELP! Help... " I dont know his name. Of all things I need to know I dont know his name! "Help me!! Help! " I had never been so glad to see his face come through my door. "You alright?" I pointed frantically to the window at the side of him, unable to say anything to him. He took a haphazard look at the window before he talked to me, Oh you need me to help you... "Alright Ill help. But whats my name?" Whats my name? He just asked that. Fear was instantly replaced with utter disgust as I yelled at him, "Your name?! You want me to tell you your name?! Why of all things are you worried about that! This is no time-" The plaster under the wood made a huge shattering sound as the window collapsed under the weight of the zombie, now able to drag one leg into the house. He remained unfazed. I didnt think he was going to do anything, until he heard his name. "I dont know! I pleaded, almost ready to cry, All I know is that it starts with J! Thats it! Please! Help!" He sighed laxly, seemingly remorseful for what he did. "I guess thats close enough... " He walked over to the intruding zombie, and calmly grabbed the back of its head, gripping his fingers through his hair. "Whats that? "He said pretending like he could hear the creature talking to him. "Youre hungry? Oh well here." He said taking the knife out of his pocket and slamming it through its forehead, and all struggling from the zombie stopped. "B-but I thought you said your name doesnt start with-" "It doesnt. It is Jay. But I guess Ill start boarding up here before I finish. He seemed unphased as pulled the zombie by its head back over the ledge and wiping his hand on his jeans. " He turned away closing the door, leaving me confused and irked. "Oh, he said popping his head back through the door, By the way, wet hair looks nice on you... and you know minus the towel would really make my day. " He winked and left me. ~Jay~ I couldnt help teasing her. Shes just too cute. Though it couldnt hurt for her to smile every once and a while, but it just seems like sadness just resonates from her soul...... Wonder why? I asked my self, as I slammed a book case against the wall. He told me to board up the house, but its not like I have a lot of supplies for shit like that. So I might have to just break a few things. The coffee table. Her parents dresser. The tv case, because thats useless now. And now the book case You know, little things. I guess I could have just moved all of it in front of the door, but hey, cement holds better than glue. Its a lot of work, but honestly this is the most fun Ive had all day. Ok ok, the ninja roof top running was pretty cool. I slammed the book case against the wall again. It completely falling apart now. I found two pieces stuck together and used my foot to steady it, while I pulled it off. Most of the doors, and windows were boarded up. It didnt take me long since I didnt have to sit there pulling at nails or something. And the last room to board up was her window. Thing is, is she going to be alright undressing in there? Maybe I should go check on her. No no Jay, you promised you wouldnt peak at her....... Shit, why did I promise that? Past Jay, you fucked up. Well, it is a matter of safety. "Jay!!!!!!!" I heard Lai scream. Ask, and thou shall receive. I ran up the stairs picking up a few boards and carrying the hammer. I slammed through the door this time swinging the hammer and knocking the flesh muncher out the window. I quickly began nailing the boards against the window. Ive heard in America, theres a saying that says milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard, but yours is bringing flesh munchers. How rusty is your dating life anyways? I turned around to see her fully dressed, dammit, and she was cuddled with a pillow on her bed, her body scrunched close to the wall. Honestly, what was that suppose to do if it got close to her? Was she going to have a pillow fight with it? Was she going to ask it to build a blanket fort. I finished boarding up the window and went to go sit on the bed next to her. "Whats with you? Its like you want to be eaten." "Huh? No its just, I cant. Even if I try Im going to fail. She said looking down still gripping onto the pillow. I want to, but the truth is-" "Youre a guy?" "What?" "Nothing. Continue." She sighed, turning her head back to the pillow. "The truth is, Im not strong enough." "Oh, thats all? I said, leaning my head back on the wall with her." "Thats all? Thats everything! Last time I checked, you need to have strength to fight someone. "She gripped the pillow tighter and stared at the window I just boarded up. "Well, I mean, it helps..... "I said unsure, scratching the back of my head. Like I said, sadness is resonating. I could try to cheer her up, but its kind of hard to do that. I dont even know that much about her. The only thing I do know, is her name is Lai, and she seems to be having trouble adjusting to this world. Well so does Sami. for some reason the flesh munchers were banging against the door. The walls everywhere. What the hell do they even want? How are they even able to climb up the walls? They couldnt do it before. "Jay, theyre going to break in! What if the boarding isnt enough? What should we do? What should we do?!" What should we do? Honestly, I wanna take a nap. The last couple hours Ive been having to move way to much. I need a nap, yeah. "Hey Lai, you wanna sleep with me?" "What! I just met you! Pervert. "She blushed a dark red and covered her chest with the pillow she was gripping on to. Seriously, what does she think that pillow can do for her? Does she think its magic or something??? "Sleeping is perverted? I asked, raising my eyebrows at her. Now Im really curious of how long its been for you. " "Thats none of your business!" She blurted out, and I couldnt help myself from laughing. Her mad, embarrassed, face was a lot better than her sad one. "Come on." I said pulling her close to me and laying on the bed. My arms wrapped around her. "Lets take a nap, besides, it seems like you need one. " "Jay stop!" She struggled pulling away from me. "I promise I wont touch you. "I smiled she pushed me off. "Fine, then dont touch me! "She quickly turned her body around in a huff. Is she mad again? We laid in silence for a few moments before she spoke again. "How am I suppose to sleep with all that scratching? How is anyone suppose to be able to sleep in that? " I laid on my back, my arms crossed behind my head, and sighed. "Just pretend its all your fans trying to break down the door, just to get your autograph. " She snickered. "Then it should be completely silent. " "Aww come on, Im sure people think youre just great. " "Person, one person thinks Im great. Though, now that opinion of me has probably changed for the worst. "She was getting sad again. "What about your friends? "She has like 3 other people with her, dont they like her? Or do they just feel bad for her? Well, Id probably feel bad for her too with the mentality she has. "Theyre friends....only friends.....and they will only ever be friends. "She said putting the pillow over her head. Possibly trying to drown out the sound. "Thats a bad thing because......." "Nothing, its nothing. " Shes so weird. Is she one of those people that says everyone hates them, when they have like a lot of people who care about them. Shes obviously hiding something though. "Jay. "She called, and I was half surprised by that, because I figured she was already done trying to deal with me. "Yeah. I said closing my eyes. "I dont know why, but this bed was so comfortable. Listening to the screeching and scratching was hell, but the sound of Lai breathing, the gentle sound of her voice. Its like the creatures outside didnt even exist. "What do you do when you like someone, but you know they like someone else. "She asked a little more timid. "Do they know that you like them? "I asked, slightly turning my head to look at her. She stayed, looking away from me, and was quiet, before finally grumbling and shaking her head no. "Then you have to tell him first. You cant be mad that hes interested in other people. If he didnt even realize you have a thing for him. " "What if he doesnt like me back?  "She said a bit softer. "Then fuck him." "Wh-what? "She stuttered turning around to look at me her face bright red. I snickered. "Now whos the pervert. " She covered her hand over her mouth and glared at me. Shes so cute. Whoever it is she has a crush on, Im sure hell be ecstatic when he finds out. "Ok my turn to ask a question." Her face cleared up, and she nodded, her auburn hair framing her face. "Alright, I guess thats fair. " "Who is the notorious senpai who refuses to notice you. " She giggled. Wow, she actually showed a different emotion instead of sad or mad. "You dont know him. "She sighed. "Hey, not lieing in truth or dare, if you dont tell me the truth Ill be forced to dare you, and Im a pervert remember. "I winked at her. Her face looked completely horrified now. "Ok ok! Its Keita! " "oooooooh~ " I teased. She smacked my arm blushing again. "Shush! "She smiled. So she can smile! "You have to keep it a secret ok? " I nodded. "Promise, if I dont you can forget my name again. " She laughed." Ok, my turn." "Shoot. "I braced myself for anything she was going to ask. "How did you guys find my house." "Weeeelll-" ................................... "Hey Cam!" I said, and I had to stop walking to catch my breath. Thats good, Cam is ok. "Whats up with you? "I leaned against a stop sign. "Jay!" Sami called at me as he realized he was fighting by himself now. Hes fine though, hes a better shot than me. I watched him as he furiously shot one after the other. Besides, he has a lot of steam to burn off. "Hold on! Im on the phone! " "Jay! Im scared! Everyone has rabies here, and theyre eating each other! "Rabies? I dont know who told her that, but future thanks to them. I honestly had no Idea how I was going to explain this to her. Hey Cam, remember how I told you zombies were a load of bullshit. Funny story, I was wrong. So....we have to go. "Trust me Cam....I know, but well probably be there in... I trailed off trying to figure out how long it was going to take us. Sami! How long is it going to take us to get there? " He swung his head around shooting the two zombies behind him. "Well if youd fucking help me we could have already been there! "He yelled. He didnt meant that. "Just give me a sec, you got this! "I said letting him go on his rampage. "By the way Cam, what room are you in?" I heard her calling for someone, but I dont really know who. Maybe the same person who told her about the rabies problem. She took a few minutes. "302." "302! Got it! "I said in my cheerful voice, nodding my head like she could see me. "Idiot! Behind you!" I turned seeing one of them trying to grab me. I quickly side stepped making it trip, and falling on the ground face first. I set my foot on its back. "Just a sec Cam." I pressed my cell phone against my leg and shot the bastard in the back of the head. It seemed like the more we killed, the more that showed up. "Alright, Im back, but yeah, well be there soon. So just hang tight until then." "Jay-" "Gotta go Cam." I sighed hanging up. Im sorry Cam. I put my phone in my pocket and ran over to sami, putting the gun in the zombies mouth and firing. The blood spraying back at me. "Bout time you got over here. "Sami scoffed at me. "We have to hurry. Cams freakin out." "Well its not like we have a car or something. "We continued walking, fighting through the ones that would get in are way. We heard the explosion a little far off. "Jay! Jay! Where are they bombing? " I looked where the smoke was coming. People were running this way now. Some with little kids covered in dust. "Doesnt that kid over there go to Cams school?" Sami quickly shook his head. " be. He said barely looking at the kid. Hes totally in denial. "I looked over seeing a bird that landed on a branch. Some of the zombies heard its little chirps through out the chaos, and they walked over to it trying to get it before it flew away. Its flying.... High.... High... We need to get high.... "Sami!" I yelled pulling him to the side away from the zombies. "Jay, what are you doing?" "Shut up and Climb!" I yelled jumping up to climb on the ladder to the fire escape. He followed after me. Are footsteps clanged on the ladder. Thats when something grabbed my leg. "Jay!" Sami called and I kicked my leg against his head. "LET!" Kick. "GO!" Kick. "OF ME!" Kick. "YOU FUCKING BASTARD!" Kick. The last kick brought the zombie back and the ladder started to shake. "That was close. "Sami said catching up to me. "Lets Go. "I said continuing to climb to the top until we got to the top floor. "Now what? " "We keep going. "I said climbing on the rail and jumping grabbing onto the roof. I pulled myself, barely having the arm strength for this. I quickly crouched down holding out my arm. "Come on, Climb up."He hesitated for a moment . Is he scared? "Come on chicken. Grab on." "Im not a Chicken, Asshole!" "Then what are you waiting for? Get up here ya puss!" I could hear a "Tch." along with a clanking sound as I heard him jump and clenched my hand grabbing hold of him. I pulled and he struggled to help me pull him up. Which really just made it hard for me to hold onto him, but I got him up. We looked at the streets. People were fleeing from every direction. Children were getting separated from each other. People were wrecking. People were killing other people. It was all just complete chaos...on that one simple street. "Camille....that smoke is coming from where Camille is. " I nodded. "Yeah, lets go...we dont have a lot of time." Jumping from roof top to roof top was a lot slower than they show in the movies. Probably because we have guns, and were not ninjas, and weve never done this before, but what I cant figure out was what was more work: house hopping, or fighting dead people. It surely seemed less wasteful. When we got to the last house I thought of something I never really thought of in the beginning- "How do we get down?" Sami asked. I shrugged. "No idea." I could just fell Sami staring at me, but honestly I did my part. It wasnt right next to the school, but it was close enough. "Maybe we can just climb down using the side of the house." "Yeah, no offense Jay, but we need an axe to pull that off." "So, do Imaginary ones count? "I asked. "What? No. " he was thinking. We went from a 3 story building to a 2 story house. "Maybe...we could jump." "Jay, can you stop being stupid for like 2 seconds. " Just thinking. I said walking over to the edge. "oh...OH....I got it! "I said hanging onto the side and scooting to the side with a window. "Jay, what are you doing..." "Breaking and entering." I said dropping down to the side of the window pressing my foot against the side of the house and slamming my foot against the glass a few times making the window shatter to pieces. I slipped in, and Sami followed me shortly after. "Wait Lai, I hear some- ? "A girls voice said through the hallway, and they rushed upstairs. She screamed when she saw us, and Sami held his gun out. "Dont move." Is he kidding me. They just got here? "Hey, hey...we dont want any trouble. I mean I know we have have guns but- " "Lai! Whats going on? Whos there?" I waved my hands in front of the younger girl. "No, I cant see. Now can you stop that. "she said and I stepped back from her. "Keita!!!!" ................................. "And thats when you screamed like a scaredy cat. " She hit me! "You were pointing a gun at me!" "Correction, Sami was pointing a gun at you." "You didnt stop him!" "What did you want me to do. No Sami.....dont shoot the little girls..... They havent dont anything!" "YES" "We didnt know you, and I trust my brother. If he was going to shoot you, he has his reasons. " "So, if Keita didnt come in, Juna and I would be dead? " I nodded. "Yup. " She looked away. "Nice to know" "Hey, if it makes you feel better. Im happy you didnt die ." She smiled. "I guess Ill forgive you, but dont do that again." "Promise." Authors note: This is not the final chapter, but it will be the last one we post on vingle. We will go back through and make our edits from your feed back and post our finished work o wattpad. If you have a wattpad follow @Ririchiyo14 for updates on The Day The World Went Dark. Thankyou for being out expire mental audience, and I hope you all will continue to enjoy our story. Other notice: in about 3-6 months Ill be looking for an artist that can 1. Make their own original characters 2. Can draw online 3. Is amazingly talented 4. And wouldnt mind working with me in making a web toon If interested, please email a picture of youre OC (sighned) to (I will pay you, but I will discuss that with the artist I choose.) I just wanna say thanks again and if you have any questions feel free to inbox me
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