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CAPTURES YOUR HEART've always had my heart ❤❤
STEALS YOU AWAY J-Hope... stealing isn't very nice but who am I to complain
CALLS YOU EVERY NIGHT BEFORE YOU FALL ALSEEP Aww...Jin that is so sweet of you!
CARRIES YOU HOME WHEN YOU ARE DRUNK Jin again you are so sweet and kind.I'm grateful
STEALS A KISS FROM YOU EXPECTEDLY J-Hope *blushes* thank you...
REALLY WANTS TO GET YOUR ATTENTION usually are one of the main ones that,always has my attention
YOUR VALENTINE THIS YEAR ! HURRAY!! ❤❤ HAPPY VALENTINES DAY TAETAE! A huge thank you to @KhrystinaLee for making this game up. If you want to be tagged on any of my stuff on here please let me know
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