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Parts: all found on card one

WARNING : Mature, gang related content

With every new fact I learn about my brother I'm getting more and more disgusted. He is turning out to be such a terrible person. And the things they have pointed out about his personality, I've seen them. Maybe not to the degree they have, but I've still noticed them. I just paid them no mind. Nothing they've said has contradicted itself or seemed utterly farfetched. I've stopped hoping this was all just a dream; because it's become blatantly obvious that this is reality. I have no choice but to continue delving into this. "How did things start spinning out of control? What happened?" "Like I had said, at first he dismissed Youngjae due to his being new to everything. But once he asked his input, Himchan realized he was wrong in many ways. But he didn't know if Youngjae could run something based on his theories since he hadn't ever been in charge of anything. He didn't believe that he could possibly anticipate enemy movements to that degree. So he decided to let him be fully in charge of a job, a small one, but a job nonetheless. Himchan did nothing but supervise his thinking process. When the time came, it was a success. Because of that, Himchan kept giving him jobs that increased in difficulty. He wanted to see when Youngjae would fail, what jobs he couldn't handle. How would he react to a failure. He wanted him to break down; to buckle under the pressure. But he wouldn't. With Himchan we rarely had failures, but sometimes there would still be things that went wrong. Obstacles we just didn't know how to tackle and we'd end up losing men or having trouble with the cops. However, after months of Youngjae being in charge, not once on any of the jobs did we have issues or have men lost, because we were always prepared with a plan B." "Seriously? He never had any gray areas in a plan that just simply went wrong? Even small ones?" Yongguk shakes his head. "Not one." "How could he do that?" "What I've noticed, is Youngjae thinks in a different way. He has fun with this, he really gets into planning. He sees it as a a type of game. Imagine playing chess, it can be difficult but it's straightforward enough. Now imagine a game of chess, mixed with poker, mixed with shogi and all the while you're solving a Rubik’s cube; that's how his mind works. I've yet to meet one person that can comprehend the way that kid thinks." "Not even Himchan could understand it?" "It baffled him and ate away at him because he couldn't wrap his head around how Youngjae had no trouble planning with such detail. He could understand the final plan, but how it was created and why certain things were done was beyond him. It killed him when there was things he'd never even thought of." "Did he lose it? Did he eventually just snap?" "He did; but it dragged on for about a year until it finally happened. It just continued to get more out of hand." *flashback* Sungmin comes storming in irate as ever, pulling his brother along with him by his arm. Sungmin is a frightening man, even larger than Yongguk and a temper to match. "Jesus Christ, Himchan! What the fuck is your problem!" Himchan doesn't even bother to look up from his work spread out on his desk. "What's wrong now?" "What's wrong! Look at my brother's face!" He brings Youngjae out in front of him, showing his massive black eye. He glances at it and then goes back to his work. "What's that have to do with me?" "You hit him! He doesn't go out on jobs; so he's either in his room, with me, with Yongguk, or with you!" "And you're absolutely sure it wasn't Yongguk. Did he tell you I did it?" "No he didn't tell me, he's not a snitch. But I know that Yongguk has no reason to hit him and if he had, it'd be a lot worse than this." "So you're implying I have a reason? What would that be?" Himchan has been completely detached from the conversation. He has no reason to care about something as insignificant as this. Sungmin's frustration is becoming more obvious with every cold response he recieves. Because he feels this conversation is going nowhere, Youngjae opens his mouth at a very inopportune time. "Because you're frustrated." Himchan shifts in his chair finally looking up and leans forward, "Oh? Frustrated by what exactly?" "Shut up." Sungmin hushes him as though he's still a small child instead of an adult and moves the boy behind him. "Let him speak. I'd love to hear what the 'prodigy' has to say to me." Sungmin doesn't want to aggravate him further, but to be honest, he really can't tell if he's aggravated at all. To be safe he has no choice but to let him talk. God, if this kid would just learn to keep his mouth shut. He nods at Youngjae, allowing him to continue speaking. He steps out from behind Sungmin. "You're frustrated because I'm better than you." He says this in a confident yet not cocky manner. For the first time, Sungmin witnesses a small twinge of irritation on Himchan’s face. To anyone else it'd look the same, but after looking at the same expression for six years it was easy to detect the difference. "Youngjae, go." The young man leaves, but looks back to make sure his brother would be okay. Once the door closes Sungmin begins talking, "Himchan, you need to get your shit together. If you can't deal with my brother being involved, then leave. You know he's doing a great job and we'd be insane to get rid of him. So get your head in the game or get out. And keep your fucking hands off of him." With that, he walks out slamming the door behind him. Leaving Himchan alone in the room with nothing but the boy's words ringing through his head.
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