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Is Asia Lunar New Year today!!! We are celebrating in BB way
Is time to put the past behind us and get ready for a new start!!!!! (I just enjoy their Baby pictures) 1:TOP ↠curly hair holding a coke 2:GD ↠Sexy swimsuit 3:TY ↠Red belt 4:Dae ↠Pink & red...u sure is not for girl? 5:Panda is only the yellow belt, but nice pose
Let's throw out the old.... Yes!! I mean old shirts!!!!!
just Strip!!!!
and Strip while doing chest dance!!!!
Nevermind.... I don't expect you will do this...anyway....
But too bad... I am still going to strip you down!!!(Whahahaaa!!!!)
Let's Party Hard!!!!!! ▶▷Happy Lunar New Year!!!!◁◀ to all my Vingle Friends & Bae's! Wish you all have a great successful, joyful, meaningful, even it doesn't make any sense for the year of the Monkey!!!!!
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@katyng52 glad u like it😃😃😃😃
2 years ago·Reply
I got stuck at that Daesung gif for like 5 minutes. *felt like 5 mins* Then I saw TOP. 😊♥
2 years ago·Reply
@TerraToyaSi Yes... I totally understand.. I got stuck ...countless time... By the way did u just change ur Profile pic??..(sorry if I make a mistake... I can't seem to remember people's User Name.. instead I remember by their profile pic)
2 years ago·Reply
@lovetopia Oh! I did. I did so love having Jackson screaming like a fool, but the newest GOT7 V app video gave me some feels. So, a happy smiles Jackson was needed.
2 years ago·Reply
@TerraToyaSi That was what I remembered u got "Jackson scream like crazy" pic before... good at least my memory wasn't as bad as I think...(love ur new pic too) Jackson is adorable on the show he host in China!!!
2 years ago·Reply