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I have asked around and it come down to 16 out 20 females prefer guys with beard. What are you thoughts about this conversation??
Or clean shaved???
Beard!! It can make any guy sexy n appear mature! But it depends i don't like the long bushy beards, yours look perfect! 馃憣
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both!!!!!. .. i love full beard.. but not bushy.. its sexy.. and a clean cut is really sexy... like the guy in the picture above... That's sexy
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it depend.. if he look good with it, why not?
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Yeah I agree with @humairaa!! :) I like a guy with a beard. But not too much, just short and trimmed. My bf has a beard and it totally makes him look older and more rugged hehe 馃榿
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I like a beard.. As long as it's kept up.
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