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Who does the cutest aegyo
So...I'm kinda biased in this one because...well...
Minhyuk's my bias, and he's just so cute!
(so I'm biased cuz of my bias...if that makes sense!)
just...had...to...share!!!! *falls over laughing*
tagging the usuals! If you want to be added, or removed, let me know!
I also would like to make 'specific group' tag lists, for BTS, SHINee, Monsta X, B.A.P., Big Bang, Seventeen, EXO, etc...so I only tag you in the groups you are interested in! Please, please, please, please let me know! I don't want to tag the friends I have made here in cards they don't have any interest in seeing. (and if you know of any who may LIKE to be tagged in any of the aforementioned groups, tag them or let me know about them!)
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I'm game for anything