I just watched Pinocchio, with Lee Jung Suk and Park Shin Hye. It is now one of my top dramas! I need a new drama to watch and can't think of any. I have wacthed: The Heirs, School 2013, and others ones. I like romance, comedy, action, crime, or high school dramas. Ya know? I just need suggestions, can any one help? I don't do just Korean Dramas either: Thai, Japanese, or Chinese. Anything works really I just need a drama! Please help! Thank, Bye~!
Skip beat is really good.
The action-ish ones are good cuz they keep ur interest. Have u seen Healer or City Hunter?
doctor stranger its ok thats love or if you watch movies too i reccomend flu
I know you watched school 2013 but how about school 2015, bride of the century... these 2 are good. I actually have a list of the ones I watched, you can try those too. Moorim is newer and I think it's intresting. Boys over flower ¤ Secret garden ¤ Iris ¤ (action one) Coffee prince ¤ Your beautiful ¤ 👍 I am Sam ¤ Jang ok jung ¤ omg so sad👍👍 Goong ¤ Heirs ¤ Dream high¤ My love from another star ¤ Heartstrings ¤👍 Emergency couple¤ Bride of the century ¤👍 Angle eyes ¤ Master sun ¤👍 Boarding house #24¤ High school love on ¤ My lovable girl ¤ Pinocchio ¤ kyaa!!👍 Modern farmer ¤ Birth of a beauty ¤ Hyde jekyll me ¤ Blood ¤ Dr.ian ¤ Web EXO next door ¤ Web We broke up ¤ web Girl who can see smell ¤ School 2015¤ really good drama, message and great ending.💕👍👍 Producer¤ Orange marmalade ¤ Oh my ghostess ¤ She was pretty ¤👍 D day ¤ The village: achiara's secret ¤ Oh my venus ¤ Cheese in a trap Moorim Once a happy ending if you want me to explain it too just ask!!
@vipgirl5 Rooftop Prince w Micky!