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Anime: Snow White with Red Hair Ship: Shirayuki x Zen I have so much respect for this couple and I think it's very honorable although it does scream classic fairy tale.
Anime: Beyond the Boundry Ship: Akihito x Mirai I don't really know why I love this couple other than the fact that she continually stabbed him and their relationship just had some flair that I love idk.
Anime: Durarara Ship: Celty x Shinra I love this couple because against all odds here they are, I mean seriously not only is Celty like ten times older than Shinra but she also doesn't have a head so its a pretty HILARIOUS and yet adorable combo
Anime: Psycho Pass Ship: Kogami x Akane I liked there relationship from the beginning Kogami was supposed to be a dog nothing more but Akane constantly asked him for advice and heard what he had to say. She wasn't like the other detectives she didn't treat the dogs like dogs. Even after Kogami was gone his presence always stuck with her she always used him in her head to help her figure out the case. I love 'em
Anime: Serph of the End Ship: Yuu x Shinoa Personally I think Yuu is super annoying but I love Shinoa and their relationship is hilarious, she is always reading and making fun of him and he never had a come back. Plus she's in love with him and she was the only one who was able to pull him from his destroy the world mode so it's cute xD
Aww I love these power couples!! great Choices!