Korean Sound Effects!
꼬르륵 <- sound your stomach makes when you're hungry/growling stomach. 짭짭/쩝쩝 <- sounds you make when eating. *짭짭 is the slurpy/clicky sound. 후루륵 <- the sound you make when eating noodles/slurping noodle sound. 냠냠 <- sound made when eating something delicious/ equivalent to "nom nom". (Cute sound) 흑흑/엉엉 <- sounds for crying *흑흑 is more for sobbing & 엉엉 is more for "crying your eyes out". 응애응애 <- sound for babies crying. 갸아 <- sound you make after having a shot, typically of soju. Or really strong alcohol. 따르릉 <- sound your phone makes/ringing sound. ("Ring ring") 두근두근 <- sound your heart makes when scared or when you're in love. ("Thump thump")
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This is so helpful!
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@aliahwhbmida You should have been tagged. I put my tag list on all of the notes/Korean things I post :3
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