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1) "Pray" - Tommy heavenly6

2) "Tooi Nioi" - YO-KING

3) "Giniro no Sora" - redballoon

4) "Kasanaru Kage" - Hearts Grow

5) "Donten" - DOES

6) "Anata MAGIC" - monobright

7) "Stairway Generation" - Base Ball Bear

8) "Light Infection" - Prague

9) "Togenkyo Alien" - serial TV drama

10) "Dilemma" - ecosystem

11) "Wonderland" - FLiP

12) "Let's Go Out" - Amoyamo

13) "Sakuramitsu Tsuki" - SPYAIR


14) "Day x Day" - Blue Encount

15) "Pride Kakumei" - CHiCO with HoneyWorks

16) "Beautiful Days” - OKAMOTO’S

Hahaha, right!? My ipod is a huge embarrassment of Kuroko music. xD I don't even care, I can totally Jam out to that stuff. @tbell2 Well, I guess my ipod is honestly filled with openings and endings from so many anime I've probably lost count and track of it all. T_T
@tbell2 SPYAIR is really awesome! I love listening to them. <3 I think that 'serial TV drama' group is pretty darn catchy too. o.O
Btw @Danse this is awesome to have all the intros in 1 spot to have and enjoy!! Already creating a legacy NAKAMA!!
"Good coming NAKAMA" is my favorite which is an outro and I actually have had it on my phone for over. A year just under an Internet tab which I will never close since I can't i tunes the song but I love that outro most so far!! It's competing with some of my favs from multiple other top anime!! Listening to it right now actually!!
@Danse yessssss!!!!!! hahaha I hear ya! my phone has a quite a bit of op and ed. haha and some OST of Naruto!
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