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Good day, fellow ㄴ.ㅇ.ㅅ.ㅌ.s! ❤️ Here is my card about fighting scenarios with Nu'est. These five gentlemen would definitely make some very interesting opponents. As with my other group scenarios, please tell me your thoughts about my analyses of the boys and if you think some of them might not be accurate. I hope you enjoy this card. :) As always, we're starting it with the Maknae and ending it with the oldest member.

Ren :: 최민기

Do not be fooled by Ren's soft complexion, this kid has claws and he will not hesitate to use them. Ren is the kind of person who does not shy away from a fighting challenge and he will do everything in his power to come out as the winner, even if he has to fight dirty. Heck, he cheats at arm wrestling (yes, Minki, leaning your entire body weight into your arm while arm wrestling is called cheating). Underestimate this kid and you'll end up face-first in the dirt. Most likely Winner Ren

Minhyun :: 황민현

I could be wrong but I think Minhyun would be a very analytical opponent. He would look at his opponent and his surroundings closely and figure out the best way to fight without getting hurt himself too much. His opponent would have to be very careful because Minhyun would immediately take advantage of any weakness or opening he sees. A fight against Minhyun would not be an easy win. Most likely Winner Unclear (depends on his opponent)

Baekho :: 강동호

Baekho definitely looks like he could take you out with one punch and I do think he would try to use his tough look to intimidate you into forfeiting. However, as we all know, in actuality Baekho is just a sweet, eye-smiling little puppy and I don't think he would want to fight for real. He would defend himself from getting hurt as best as he can but he would not want to hurt his opponent, which would eventually end in his own downfall. Most likely Winner Opponent

JR :: 김종현

JR is another one of those people who can look like they're able to kill you, but who is just really sweet and kind in real life. Similar to VIXX's Ken, I think once the fight gets real he would quickly panic and bust out his jerky dance moves in an attempt to fight his opponent off. He would probably even last a long time, but if he's not ready to fight seriously, he would lose. Most likely Winner Opponent

Aron :: Aaron Kwak/곽민영

We all know that in a fight with his friends, Aron is more likely to run away and hide so he won't get hurt instead of facing his opponent (anyone remember that rock-paper-scissors battle he had with Ren last year?). However, in a serious battle with an unfamiliar opponent, I think he would stand his ground and take it seriously. Similar to Minhyun, he would keep an eye on his opponent closely, and he would also try to wear his opponent out. He would spend most of the time in defense but once the right moment has arrived he would strike with speed and accuracy and knock his opponent down. Most likely Winner Aron
Thoughts? Could you guys imagine the fights to go down the same I way do?

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