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Is a relationship that is base on sex a healthy relationship?
85% of relationships are based on sex but that's just how most relationship start. Most mans won't approach a female if they are not sexually attracted to them. And especially in this society that we live now sex means everything in a relationship. Not only for Mans but also for females. So keep rocking it on!!! . For right now you guys are on the safe side but eventually if you're meant to be with that person the relationship will turn into a love relationship.
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@petname83 you basically said just what I was going to :)
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Sex us highly important in a relationship. When a relationship turns into a loving one, let's see how long it lasts if the couple isn't sexually compatible. Some of you may think "P Sage, you're just thinking like a typical man who just wants sex. That's why your ass is watching The Walking Dead alone on Valentine's Day." Now while there may be some truth to that, if the person you're with is highly sexual, and you're not, even if they love you, it's going to be a recipe for disaster.
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I kinda agree with that @ThePervySage at least setting up with what you expect, and what you enjoy sexually. you can definitely change habits, but some people are more sexual than otheres
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@nicolejb, The only thing is, sexual habits don't change so easily. They do, but it's never going to be because of your partner. If you're slowing down for your partner, or trying to keep up with them, or fulfill whatever kinks they have, or holding back whatever kinks you have, it doesn't matter how much you love them. Someone is going to get frustrated eventually. My friend is married and she has told me that the thought of cheating has popped into her mind one too many times. She loves her husband, but their quality time is not frequent , and it's driving her crazy. Especially since they've talked about it.
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I feel like yes that's probably a good thing but at the same time if you happen to still be a virgin then you don't want to lose it to the wrong person then making a person feel like they need a relationship that is willing to wait, but as their relationship progresses the guy or girl wants things and the other may respect that but then again they're going to lose interest because they feel like they aren't aloud to have the sexual desires. so I say yeah go for it but don't go for it unless ur in a trusting position.
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