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85% of relationships are based on sex but that's just how most relationship start. Most mans won't approach a female if they are not sexually attracted to them. And especially in this society that we live now sex means everything in a relationship. Not only for Mans but also for females. So keep rocking it on!!! . For right now you guys are on the safe side but eventually if you're meant to be with that person the relationship will turn into a love relationship.
I think this topic is highly debatable. I think sex is important in a relationship, but there has to be other elements that interest that specific partner or relationship. If sex is the only thing that's keeping the relationship stable, well I'm sorry to tell you, but that relationship is doomed for failure. Sex is more than just physical it's also mental and spiritual, at least to me. I think that if people start putting value into other aspects of a relationship they will be much better.
@petname83 you basically said just what I was going to :)
personally, I firmly believe in loyalty, respect, and acceptance. sex is just the bonus. kinda like the mini-game for extra coins.
@SaulCaraballo, Yes, you live and learn, and yes, life's karma moments come when you don't want it.
@SaulCarballo, the problem now in days isn't that men are just seeking sex or females are just seeking sex and problem is communication and being the one to initiate the fact of a relationship over sex. It just shows the maturity level and the level of the person of how they want to be and how their mind frame is. If you're just out dating and you know that sex is an issue then is no point in dating just have sex and just be a hoe but if you are going out dating looking for something long term you need to state it and make it be known so that you can we not the person if they're not going to be a relationship sex is a privilege not a right then it shouldn't be the basics order foundation of a relationship.
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