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Without a word. With a notice. You left. Without a warning you were gone. Though separated, I held you in my heart. Deeply cared. Deeply longed. Though separated and unseen. You were there. Governing every move. Yet, I could not let go. A heart unwilling to accept the truth.But, that did not cease to stop the pain. Light. Like gentle rain. Quiet. Like a whisper. But, that did not stop these ears from hearing it. To wish for you back. No. That is not right. To wish for a safe journey for you. Yes. For even bonds that never completely touch, have a meaning.
Dear friend. One of dearests of hearts. I send you my thanks. As little as it was, you helped me. Thank you friend. These tears that will never fall, are for you. Tears? No. A smile? Yes. For a life is long. And this one hopes for a long one for you. My friend and untouched bond.
Unknown Bond