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Here we go with another screenshot game, I think I need help, these thing are addicting! Original Card By: @KhrystinaLee Artwork By: drawyourmark (follow on tumblr) Seriously some of the best Fan Art I've ever seen.
Takes You On A Midnight Motorcycle Ride Jaebum! My heart!
Holds Your Hands & Stares Deeply Into Your Eyes Not sure which would be the better idea, maintaining eye contact which is killing my heart, OR checking out the ink which lets be honest is killing my ovaries.
Confesses His Love For You Don't play with me Jaebum! I'm in a weakened state from all the yummy that is you!
Dreams Of You But Knows You Don't See Him Awww Yugyeom!! You're sexy as what with the ink, but JB is killin it.
Steals You Away On A Romantic Boat Ride Really Mark?!?! Damn these boys!
Can't Decide If He Wants To Kiss You Or Make Love To You I'm pretty sure both options will kill me so lets just go for broke
Your Tattooed Sweetheart Has Arrived Done! Done! So done! You win Jaebum!!

Let me know if you do/do not want to be tagged in future cards

@EliseB you gotta stop killing me with Hobi 😍😍😍😍 MY HEART
@jessicaacosta90 hell yeah it is! I'd sell some of my less favorite body parts for one ounce of that talent.
That artwork is dope! 😍
@ashleyemmert I'm sorry!! I had to! I needed a victory dance!!
@EliseB Lol πŸ˜‚