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Seo In Guk discussed the gay rumors that surrounded him with the word ‘gay’ popping up when searching for the singer’s name on Korean portal sites. Although it might be clear to many of our readers, for the general public in Korea who don’t keep up with the daily happenings of idols and Kpop, Seo In Guk explained why this was the case through the May 14th episode of ‘Incarnation‘. Seo In Guk shared, “I’ve heard the gay rumors. Even in related searches, as the related term, ‘Seo In Guk gay’ will pop up. This is because on the cable drama ‘Reply 1997′, idol group INFINITE‘s Hoya‘s character had a crush on me. Also in K.Will‘s music video, I played the role of a guy having a one-sided crush on another guy, Ahn Jae Hyun. That is why there were gay rumors surrounding me.” From allkpop Hahah I remember I almost fell out of my bed watching K.Will's music video because of the ending. But In Guk-ah~ Why do you have to be so defensive? Is something really going on?
@dreamgirl LOL but I believe both are just close friends :)
hahaha Seo In Guk!! Just admit that you are in love with Hoya xD