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1) "Fuusen Gamu" - Captain Straydum

2) "Mr. Raindrop" - amplified

3) "Yuki no Tsubasa" - redballoon

4) "Candy Line" - Takahashi Hitomi

5) "Shuura" - DOES

6) "Kiseki" - Snowkel

7) "Signal" - KELUN

8) "Speed of Flow"


9) "sanagi" - POSSIBILITY

10) "This World is Yours" - plingmin

11) "I, Ai, Ai" - ghostnote

12) "Kagayaita" - Shigi

13) "Asa Answer" - PENGIN

14) "Wo Ai Ni"

-Hitomi Takahashi feat. Beat Crusaders

15) "Wonderful Days" - ONE鈽咲RAFT

16) "SAYONARA no Sora" - Qwai

17) "Samurai Heart (Some Like It Hot!!)"


(My favorite!!! <3)

18) "Balance Doll" - Prague

19) "Anagura" - Kuroneko Chelsea

20) "Nakama" - Good Coming

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Here it is!! Sorry I missed this card NAKAMA!! I knew it was very recent!! Love this all!! @Danse
2 years agoReply This a "downloadable" version of "good coming" full edit!! it doesn't work on phone but I've got it and cannot stop listening. Another great anime sound track!! Thanks again @Danse as well as gintama crew!!
2 years agoReply
Yeah I have all the songs on my ipod and computer. :)) Wgen it comes to Gintama there isn't much I don't get my grubby paws on. LOL @LuffyNewman
2 years agoReply
when* rather >_> *pokes spell check repeatedly*
2 years agoReply
Haha @Danse I need to download em too. I've just been lazy and buying em on my iPhone anymore but a lot I can't find so I need to just download em already!!
2 years agoReply