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This lady was having trouble sleeping and did not like taking any form of medicine to help. She did the next most rational thing. She put out an ad looking for someone to dress up as a cat and sleep curled up at the end of the bed. But that's not the only area you must act like a cat. This was so unrealistic!!! Can you say fetish? @InPlainSight so is this what you all do in Australia cuz that's where she's from! LoL!!!!
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@mscocoasupreme OMGOSH you are cracking me up!!! Good point if she wanted an obedient loyal gives a crap about you pet a cat was the wrong choice!!!! More like independent ill take the bed and you get the floor my loyal human!
This lady got way too much money... maybe she just lonely so buying company seems to be the next logical thing.
@2Distracted , see exactly MY POINT. I'll be the mind changer. I just like making ppl laugh.
@Animaniafreak , toooo much money and I'll take it, I think she's recycling the funds from her being a kitty, sharing her KITTY. WINK WINK WINK.. LMAO.
@mscocoasupreme You definitely got the quick wit. I agree this has sexual fetish diguised as innocent insomnia prob all over it!!!!