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I would enjoy the picnic because I know Jin oppa made a my favorite foods that he made with his heart.
I can see Taehyung over sleeping. I would act really upset but knowing I would not be able to continue keep up with the act when he tries to make me laugh.
I can also see him trying to just kiss me and just using the 'My present is better then everyone else's.' *blushing just thinking about it.*
Suga....some how I can't see this but I can see him outing his mind to just to make my day.
With this I can definitely see him wanting to stay in and watch movies. Though I can see us rock,paper, and scissors to see what movie to watch.
First your late and wanting a kiss. now you get drunk at our dinner Taehyung?What am I going to do with you.
Why do u feel as if I have two young going after my heart?
And we think he is innocent....I can see him saying "Noona....will you be my Valentine?" is the link to the Screenshot game. there are my results @MadAndrea
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Loved it!! I think Tae matched up with those well lol