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TAKES YOU ON A MIDNIGHT MOTORCYCLE RIDE BamBam that sounds like a good idea, but motorcycles scare me
HOLDS YOUR HANDS AND STARES DEEPLY INTO YOUR EYES Mark....I didn't know you were so romantic *blushes*
CONFESSES HIS LOVE FOR YOU Jinyoung... I love you too ❤
DREAMS OF YOU EVERY NIGHT ,BUT KNOWS YOU DON'T SEE HIM Mark...this is false. Markie-Pooh I'm always thinking of you.... when I'm not thinking of JB
STEALS YOU AWAY ON A SEXY ROMANTIC BOAT RIDE JB...My heart. I don't even like boats like that but for you I will
CAN'T DECIDE IF HE WANTS TO KISS YOU OR MAKE LOVE TO YOU Mark...I'm totally fine with either option. Both a win win.
YOUR TATTOO SWEETHEART HAS ARRIVED are such a sweetheart Thank you to @KhrystinaLee for posting this game! They are super fun, go over to her page and play it for yourself! Also if you want to be tagged in my future post let me know. I'm tagging these guys because they are always tagging me and I've seen that we post some of the same stuff. Thanks so much guys! @PrincessUnicorn   @PrettieeEmm   @luna1171   @CreeTheOtaku   @EliseB   @Vay754
i just like that one out the 7 for the art lol
you can also check my kpop game folder for other games you may have not been tagged in that I created.
@tazneemhinnawi Of course! Thank you for your support and @xroyalreisx YumYum is my baby
yugyeom my favorite
Can you start tagging me?? Thanks!!!
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