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The only reason Valentines is bearable is because of my precious idols!! sorry @KhrystinaLee for taking the picture heh >~<
CAPTURES MY HEART Well Yoongi has done just that! 'Its my swag!' 'Yoongi its more than your swag' 'You like this chain? Three dollars' 'Aish' * experiences second hand embarrassment from remembering this memory*
STEALS YOU AWAY Well Namjoon that's not very nice *Namjoon looks away* 'But its very reasonable I want to be with you'
CALLS YOU EVERY NIGHT BEFORE YOU FALL ASLEEP Aww Yoongi!!! *mumbles something* 'What is it?' 'I am just worried for you'
CARRIES YOU HOME WHEN YOU'RE DRUNK Well I am not legal yet to maybe I am drunk from eating that possible??? 'I think it is' 'Tae it doesn't count if you drink soju at the same time'
STEALS A KISS FROM YOU UNEXPECTEDLY Well Namjoon stay in your lane.... *laughter could be heard in the distance* 'Aish Namjoon you're going to die for that'
REALLY JUST WANTS TO GET YOUR ATTENTION Aww Jungkook! 'Noona, look at this dress!' 'Ah its nice but don't you think its a bit short?' 'No noona its just above the knees!!' 'They are like mid thigh!!!!'
MY VALENTINE FOR THIS YEAR! It was all a plot to confuse me! 'Here you go jagi' *hands me a bouquet of roses* 'Namjoon dont say that!' *he accidentally breaks one of the roses* 'Damn!'