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Yeah, sure, the plot is also a big factor when it comes to anime, along with a bunch of other stuff. For me though, I have to say the art. Its inspired me to become an artist as well. Though I am not that good. THESE ARE NOT MY ART WORK!! These amazing pieces of art belong to one of my all time favorite artist, DestinyBlue.
Destiny Blue is fighting dome sort of sickness, I honestly forgot what. Though I'm not too shocked by that. I'd probably lose my head if it wasn't attached. Not the point though! DestinyBlue expresses herself through her artwork in sometimes the most obvious ways, which seems to always speak to people better. I love the creativity in which she expresses it. I honestly believe that she is a big factor to anime artist community.
These all are just some of her work. Just some of my favs. I just wanted to show her off a bit, even though y'all asked for romance cards. I swear that will be the next card I put up though!!
These are beautiful, she's so very talented
@LorettaHon thanks :)
@CarlEbner The pics are cool!!!
@LorettaHon i think you should check my posts ;)