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Click Here to play this game! Have fun!!! And enjoy my story at the end lol.
Aww Jimin being a sweetie!
Ha totally sounds like Suga. I'd forgive him.
Oh kookie you can have a kiss then.
Thanks Namjoon!!! I love it! no one's every tried to win me something.
Tae.....oh man I so would be down for Netflix and chill....
Ha kookie you just turned the legal age to drink. You probably should have not had much.
Hehe Suga that is sweet. I love stargazing and a kiss from you. I'd die I think.
Yay! my bias has become my valentine!
Story time! It was Valentines day and I had several dates. I just didn't know what to say to the 5 that were after me. The first date I went on was with Jimin. He took me on an Romantic Picnic. He was just so sweet. I really enjoyed being around him. Next namjoon took me to a carnival. I loved going to the carnival and we had alot of fun. He even ended up winning me a big stuffed animal. No one had ever won me anything or even tried. Namjoon was very sweet with me as well and he knew how to handle my moods. My third date was to be with taehyung. He met me at my place and just wanted to hangout. He suggested Netflix and Chill. I said yes because well It was a date. We watched a movie and then ended up goofing around and having a tickle war. Then I got a text from Jungkook asking if I was ready for our date tonight. He was going to be the last date of the night. I had a date with suga still. Tae had left knowing that I hadn't picked who was my valentine for the day and quickly left. Once I was ready I walked out the door and received a text from Jungkook again. 'You should just give me a kiss because my gift is better than everyone elses.' I smiled 'okay kookie If you say so.' It was dark out now and the sky was clear. I waited for suga at our destination. After 10 minutes he came running up to me. "I'm so sorry I'm late I overslept." I laughed "of course you did. Don't worry I'm not mad." He grabbed my hand and pulled me towards the building. "I hope you like this place." we took an elevator up a few floors and then walked out on a deck. we could see all the stars in the sky. "Wow this is amazing!" "Do you like it" He said scooting closer to me and putting his arm around my shoulder. "yes! it's perfect." "good." Then his lips where on mine. I kissed back because come on he was a great kisser. We parted and he just continued to smile. I was slowly working my way through the guys and sadly I had to Leave suga. I had my last date with Kookie. I knew who it was between. Suga and kookie. It all depended on how well the date with kookie went. Kookie was waiting for me at the resturant. I walked in and he waited for me to sit down. Right when I did a bottle of champagne came out. We started drinking. We were having a grand time. After we finished the bottle and our food we went for a walk. You could tell Kookie was drunk off the champagne. He stopped me and had me face him. "I love you! I know you have to decided between us but know that even if you don't choose me I still want to be friends." Why was he being so mature. He had taken my heart on day one but I didn't think he'd ever like me. I am older than him. Suga was the one who snuck up on me. I had made my decision. I just hoped everyone would be ok. "Kookie will you be my valentine?" He smiled and hugged me. "You picked me!!!! Here I have a gift for you." He pulled out a necklace with 2 hearts interlocking. he put it on me. "Thank you I love it." I then pressed my lips to his since he really did deserve to have a kiss from me. (Ha I made her a playa. but what else can you do when they all are creeping up on you? Kookie is totally my bias so I'm gonna be picking him whenever there would be a selection. the second person now that would be alot harder.)
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