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This is my first card ever, but I thought it would best to bring it through this community. I have never done a youtube channel before, but I have wanted to for many years. I have taken 4 years of video production, and wanted to put all my knowledge to good use.
I have created my channel, SpeakForTheRescue, and it is a kpop based channel. I have a challenge already posted, and I am currently editing 2 other challenges and a reaction video! So there will be many more things to watch soon!
I would love if you guys could support me in this and give me a chance by watching the video, liking and subscribing! Even these cuties think so^^
Ill tag a whole bunch of people but let me know if you want me to take you off of this! Sorry for any inconvenience /.\
@bubblekookie It was something ive always just used for social media..for well a long time now xD It was really just a random user name I've had, and it has just always stuck with me., and thank you both so much! it means a lot! @Ercurrent
@CeilidhHoadley Keep up the good work!!
Kwels, I'll check it out
Sounds like fun! I will watch the video after clinical tomorrow:)
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