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Takes me out for a romantic picnic!
Is late for my date because he overslept; but says he'll make it up to me
Says he deserves a kiss because his present is better than everyone else's!
Takes me to a carnival and wins me a big stuffed animal!
Suggests "Netflix and Chill" as a Valentine's date!
Accidentally gets drunk on champaign at dinner!
Steals a kiss while we both are stargazing!
Ends up as my Valentine!
So I played the screenshot game and was tagged by @MadAndrea. Thank you it was tons of fun to play! Also I'm pretty happy about my results! Plus my bias is my Valentine so cool!
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Glad it was fun! That's the team's mission with the weekly challenges ^_^
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@MadAndrea Thank you! I will try to participate more when I can
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