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here are some cute/funny moments of Teen top just playing around.
chunji is too excited during rehearsal. wait who is the hyung here?! it's hard to tell...
niel and changjo always and forever being little kids *smh*
Ricky having a tantrum at daddy Cap because he can't win haha
lol no mercy!!
kitty Niel *meow*
muahahahha I can't with these kids
how does this even make sense?! I'm guessing Ricky and Changjo did something to annoy chunji and they made a deal with him to only punish the one who lost rock paper sissors lololol
^^^ yup that's about right. hope you smiled a bit at this angels!! xoxo if you want to tagged in future TT cards just let me know!! ps. please vote for teen top on mcountdown!!!!