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There were so many things on this list I had no clue to do. very important safety tips. The one about the guy using a baby totally freaked me out cuz I would've prob opened the door!
Thanks for sharing this with us
@deilig you and me both!!!! somewhere I also read somebody interviewed a rapist and he said they typically go for women with long hair, easily removable clothing, esp if they are on their phone or fumbling in their purse or distracted at all, if they get a girl that yells and screams immediately they take off cuz its no longer easy prey and they don't want to be caught, and if a woman is carrying something like an umbrella they don't bother cuz she could use it and that keys are not a deterrent. I really hope women will pass this around and men to their loved ones!!!
wow. this is very important i always check my car before going inside it because i know someone could be in it however i do have a habit of sitting in it for some time afterwards without locking the door.
@navjotguru Im more than happy too. knowledge is power and id never read some of these extremely useful tips! Esp the floor your car in someone's I. it and crash I to anything you can. that makes so much sense yet I had never ever considered that an option. my 12 yr will have these memorized vegore she's 13 lol!!!