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Okay I'm gonna use this one card for three different screen shot games I need to get the pictures off my IPod xD
First one is the first BTS Valentines screen shot I did~ Here's the card by @KhrystinaLee:
Looks like Seokjin took notice that I love coffee and cake ^^
Hoseok steals me?...
Hoseok let me sleep~~~~~ don't get me wrong but I barley sleep ;~;
Okay, first parents will kill me if I ever get drunk. Second I think I'm heavy also I don't think Hoseok will have to carry me tbh
This man is trying to wreck me...
I can tell, but come on let a girl live Hoseok~~
Taehyung is my valentine even though Hoseok put up a good fight for the title must I say....
Second valentine one is made by @MadAndrea:
Looks like Hoseok is still running for this, and I'll enjoy this picnic to be fair. I will appreciate his effort you know?
Pffffffff, well that's fine I'll probably be like five minutes late as long as his isn't 20 minutes...
This man I swear Namjoon you aren't getting a kiss, okay? I'm sorry but I'll give you a hug. That's okay
Dang it my weakness is stuff animals ;-;...
It better just be chilling I swear!~
How am I not surprised? XD
I give up!! Hoseok already stole two kisses...all I can say he is very sly
Shoot, Holls is gonna kill me and looks like Taehyung and Jungkook gonna have a fight...
Okay last one!! The wedding screenshot game made by @ashleyemmert:
Oooo looks like Taehyung won the argument of my who gonna be my valentine since I'm gonna marry him lol His own best man too, a bit jealous? He is my first love? Wow.... Yoongi is always welcomed~ Makes sense because Holls is my best friend too and if Jungkook is too then people already know the deal Yoongi drunk? I wonder how that turned out, maybe he is a bit more energetic Park Jimin! First Hoseok then you too, wow Tae is gonna mad lmao
Awww....Hobi did put up a good fight didn't he? Sad ending for him, an ultimate WIN for you!
@MadAndrea true, that was me while writing my results but then at the end Tae comes in is the ultimate winner xD
I love how it was like Hobi and Rapmon fighting in the second game and then Boom! Jungkook come in for the steal and wins the game XD
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