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Jin loved how flustered you were around him. He knew you liked him and he couldnt deny the fact that he was starting to have feelings for you too. He pretended like he didnt care and he would tease you and subtly flirt with you, like putting his arm around you when you sat beside each other, or giving you a hug when you see each other. 
It was only when he found you and a random guy standing outside of the Company building when he realized his true feelings. He was upset that someone would confess to you, he was jealous. But you were beautiful and amazing at almost everything, so how could someone not like you? 
He watched from around the corner. When you turned down the man in front of you, a smile grew onto Jins face. Then you walked inside and saw him standing there, Listen Y/n, I dont want you to accept anyones confessions other than my own, okay?
Namjoon would tease you all the time. If you were short, he would rest hand arm or his chin on your head. He secretly had a crush on you, but he would never show it. That was, until he walked in on someone confessing to you. His feelings soon grew into jealousy and he was about to hit the man standing there, that is, if you werent in the room. He listened in as he stood outside the door, comparing how much better he would be as your boyfriend instead of that stranger he didnt recognize
Jimin LOVED to tease you. He did it every single day. Even swiftly running his hand through his hair had an effect on you, and he knew it. 
He quickly realized the feelings he had for you when he saw you and another man sitting down on a bench. He would be really upset at the fact you two were sitting so close. 
Who was he? 
How did you know him? 
These were the questions Jimin asked himself as he walked over to you. The guy left after you let him down and Jimin quickly took his place on the bench beside you. 
I dont want to see you with any other guy except for me and the other members… but especially me, okay?
He would be super chill on the outside after he heard someone confessed to you from another member. He knew he had feelings for you and he definitely knew you liked him. He walked up to where you were standing and he gave you a hug from behind. It shocked you at first, but realizing who it was calmed you down, making you relax into his arms. He would make a pouty face at you 
Who was that guy that confessed to you? Why didnt I know him?
It was just a co-worker, and I thought you werent interested in those kinds of things. Speaking of which, why are you giving me a hug? You never give anyone hugs
… People change okay?
He would be really upset and in a bad mood after he knew someone confessed to you. You along with the other members noticed his sudden mood change from happy and perky to depressed and sad. He thought if everything the two of you have done together meant nothing to you. That was, until you reassured him, giving him a hug. 
Tae~ Im pretty damn sure you know how much I like you, I even turned down a confession from a pretty cute guy because of my feelings for you. Please dont be sad. I thought you didnt like me anyway
Well, that changed, okay? I do like you, and it hurt a lot to see you with another man. Please be mine and only mine
Hobi would be so sad. He might have even cried a bit. He hated the fact that another man touched you. And to make it worse, he didnt even know who that man was. he wanted answers, but he was too afraid to talk to you about it. He started to ignore you because he didnt know you declined that mans offer. He thought the two of you were dating. 
Hobi… Youre ignoring me, arent you? 
Yes you are. I care about you, you know. Why are you ignoring me?
Why dont you ask your boyfriend? 
You looked at him confused, Boyfriend? he quickly looked you in the eye, You mean that guy that confessed to me? 
he nodded and you let out a giggle, Hobi, I turned him down. I thought you knew! We arent dating! You know youre the one I like you idiot 
Then his mood would totally change and he would give you the tightest hug in the world and he would ask you to be his so he wouldnt have to deal with jealousy anymore
Jungkook would play it off cool. He respected your feelings. But he was very confused when he saw a man confessing to you. He thought you like him, not a random stranger he didnt know about. 
Jealousy quickly settled in the pit of his stomach and he had to talk to you. He appeared beside you and quickly grabbed your hands, Do you like that man? 
I could treat you so much better
He isnt even that tall! You like tall guys, right?
I mean, I thought you liked me… Why are you so confusing? Stop confusing me woman! 
JUNGKOOK SHUT UP he quickly closed his mouth at the tone of your voice. He had no idea you had this in you from your cute outlook, I turned him down, okay? And I do like you. Jeez, and whats it to you? Its not like you like me anyway you pouted
Well… I think I might You looked at him surprised, What? 
I Think I realized it when I saw that man confess to you. I was really jealous. I dont want anyone to touch you except for me. If another man lays even a finger on you, ill kill him
Awww this guys will surely kill me one day...
rap mon and kookie are getting violent 😂😂😂
Aww they all killed me but mostly Hoseok 😍😍😳😳
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