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Warning: This contains a lot of triggering subjects, and for that reason, I’m rating it +18.
This is based on the Run MV (but not connected to any theories) and their new album.
Jimin stood on the hospital room’s door for a while before coming in. Hoseok was again connected to all the tubes after passing out one more time. He was still asleep, and a small part of him wanted to just call the other guys already. But he wouldn’t. He promised he wouldn’t tell, and now all he could was watch Hoseok slowly die.– Hey, buddy. – Jimin said, coming closer to the bed when he realized his friend was waking up. There was almost no reaction to his words, except for a confused look.– Where… Where am I? – Jimin sighed, but kept a smile on anyway. It was getting worse. His memory was slowly fading away, being replaced by the nothingness they said would appear. His heart ached. What option did he have besides letting it happen?– You’re in the hospital, Hoseok. – An even more confused look appeared on his face, until reality hit him. Instead of confusion, now Jimin saw sadness.– It happened again. I… Forgot about things.Jimin let out a loud sigh while looking at him. It wasn’t too late yet, but it was starting to be; soon enough everything would be gone. The friend he knew would fade away and be replaced by someone else. Someone he wished he’d never meet. It was all bad enough without him having to face it on his own.– Have you checked on her? – Again, Jimin sighed loudly, remembering his early encounter with Y/N. She was so nice, and honestly cared so much about Hoseok. It broke his heart every time he visited her to make sure everything was alright, because it clearly wasn’t.– She asked about you, you know. I told her I didn’t know where you were. – Hoseok looked away, affected by his words. Maybe he could still change his mind. – Hoseok, you need to get treatment and go back to her. She had been crying again, and I’m pretty sure she hadn’t eaten or slept in a long time. It’s not too late.For a second, he thought he’d won; Hoseok looked away, to the window, and looked extremely guilty. Immerse in his thoughts, he almost forgot Jimin was in the room. Was he thinking of her? Was he somehow trying to remember how she looked, how she felt? They hadn’t seen each other in weeks now, and his friend once admitted every day that passed by made Y/N image fade away a little bit more. If he loved her that much, why couldn’t he just give up? But there was something in his eye every time she was mentioned, a hurt look Jimin could never understand. And when it appeared again, he knew exactly what was going to be said.– It’s better like this. – He murmured. – She’s better off not knowing the truth.“Over there, the autumn leaves look like they’re at stake. Seem like they’re looking at us.“ - 고엽 He walked away from the hospital, leaving Hoseok behind for at least a while. Being the only one to watch his friend die was breaking him, killing him from the inside. Every step hurt a little bit more than the one before, and the sinking feeling on his heart just wouldn’t go away. That look Hoseok had whenever he woke up from yet another relapse. God, that look would haunt him forever. Didn’t matter if he was asleep or awake, if his eyes or opened or closed, that was all he could see lately. Jimin would go crazy before all of that was over. But he knew he had to keep going. Which was why he was heading to Y/N’s place one more time, just to see the destroyed look on her face again. Another thing that would always haunt him. He could have changed it all, if Hoseok could just stop being so strong-headed, then maybe… It was starting to get too late. Maybe he should push away his promise and do what he had to do.Except that Hoseok would never let him do anything, and things could turn out even worst if he broke any of his promises. Which meant more lies. To Y/N, to his friends. To himself. One more time, he knocked on her door, and opened it looking even more tired.– Have you even slept this week? – He asked before saying anything else, already concerned by the dark circles under her eyes.– Where’s him? – She asked back almost immediately. Y/N and Jimin had been somewhat friendly with each other ever since they’ve met a few years ago through Hoseok, but their relationship had never been more than forced smiles and awkward meetings. Later, though, he had grown to care a lot about her, worrying about her well-being as much as for his friends. He felt like she trusted him in the same amount that she didn’t: at the same time she could tell he genuinely cared, it didn’t change the fact that he wouldn’t tell her where her boyfriend was.– I… I’m sorry, but I don’t know, Y/N. – Fucking liar. – She mumbled, clearly angered, but letting him get inside anyway.– How are things? – She sighed, stepping away from him to sit in the couch. He just leaned against the closed the door, deciding it’d be better to keep a friendly distance between them.– The same. I’m fine.He had come to realized a long time ago that Y/N wasn’t the talkative type, yet only lately it hit him how much. Through all the days he took care of her, she barely ever spoke. At first, he really couldn’t see how Hoseok dated her for such a long time, being as hyper as he was. Then he realized they complemented each other. She was thoughtful when he was sloppy, he was careless when she was stressed. Apart, both of them were just clueless. – Would you tell me if he had moved on? – She said, after some time of silence in which he just looked at her nervous self in the couch. He could barely believe those words. Could she possibly think that Hoseok had somehow found someone else and ran away? Could she consider that Jimin was taking care of her out of pity?– Excuse me?– It’s pointless. All these times you come here and make sure I’m fine, I know you have a reason to. And I know Hoseok did something so I don’t you just tell me what and we can both go our separate ways?– I don’t want to go separate ways. – He said, not giving himself much time to think it over. It wasn’t like time was something he could waste anyway. Everyday it got closer to an end for Hoseok, even though for him there’d never be one. – It’s my job to look after you when he’s not around, and I will, so just shut up and take it.She looked at him weirdly after that, a little bit to suspiciously and longer than usual. Y/N wasn’t an idiot. She picked up on the fact that something was wrong in the moment Jimin first came in to check on her, but now the pieces were starting to come together. And to be honest, he wanted her to find out. That way he’d save her from the next years of pain without ever knowing what happened to a loved one, which he knew well enough. “There are lots of things in the world that you can’t help.” - Intro: Never MindWalking home after those encounters were always a pain in the ass, yet that one was even worse than the usual. Jimin felt like a failure. He wouldn’t be able to help Hoseok or Y/N, instead being forced to live with that mixture of despair and helplessness. He wished there was a way of reversing time to that first faint and call someone. Maybe now they would have convinced Hoseok to get the damn treatment, and things could actually end up okay.– Is this why Hoseok disappeared? – Jimin heard a voice behind him, turning around immediately with his hand on the knife on his pocket. But it wasn’t an attacker. In fact, he would have preferred if it was; things would be so much simpler.– Jungkook, what are you talking about?– I just saw you. Leaving Y/N’s house. – Jimin stood in silence, wanting to see how much he knew before saying anything. – Did he find out you were banging his girlfriend?A humorless laugh left Jimin’s lips. He didn’t know a damn thing. God, if things were just as stupidly easy as that… That maze he was in wouldn’t be solved as simply as just leaving the gang not to see Hoseok ever again. Hell, even having a fucking gun on his head would be much easier. – There’s nothing between Y/N and I.– But I just saw you leave her house. – Another humorless laugh. Jungkook would be trying to find out the truth from that moment on, and to be completely honest he didn’t care. Of course he’d avoid it. The kid didn’t deserve to watch his hyung die. For now, however, giving false explanations was not on his plans.– Go home, kid.– But…– Just go.And he walked away, without looking back. He might have screwed up a lot of things – that’s how he ended up on a gang in the first place –, yet that decision sounded like one of the only things he wouldn’t regret. Through everything he’d have to endure, it’d be better if no one was there to see it.“Now, well, I don’t care when only the thing called Loneliness remained by my side.” - Whalien 52
Here's part 3...Time to get emotional.....

Credit: @bulletproofmonstax-scenarios

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