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"Y/n?" I shut the notebook and put it back immediately. "Uh, are you finished with whatever?" I got up and opened the door for Jungkook. When I opened the door he was starting to turn red. "Um, I just wanted to make sure it was safe for me to bring some more of my stuff in. If it's okay with you, of course." He looked at the ground and mumbled something.
"What was that Kookie? Did you say something?"
"Um, nothing. It's nothing." He was obviously lying.
"Fine. Do you want to bring some more boxes in here before we leave? We have another hour until we leave." He nodded and left for his room. I followed him to his room and picked up a few boxes of his. After about 20 minutes we got all of his boxes moved back into my room with the help of Taehyung. While we moved the boxes and furniture around, there was a very awkward silence in the room. Even when we said each others names to get something, startled us.
"Yes, y/n?"
"Are you okay? You seem tense." He turned around to look at me.
"Well, I guess no. Um, I'm sorry for walking in without knocking. You can hit me as punishment if you wish." He bowed slightly to me and lowered his head to my level for his punishment.
"Kookie, don't do that. It's alright for now. Just don't do it again." I poked his nose and gave him my biggest smile. He smiled back and moved the box he was moving. We finished moving the furniture around and got his bed in there. On one side of the room is my bed, closet, desk and my pathetic bag from the facility. Jungkook's side has his bed, a closet, his desk, some shelves, and boxes of his stuff. We sat on our respective beds until Jin called for us to leave.
We piled into a company van while someone drove us to to the downtown area. The entire way the boys were singing random songs. We got dropped off in front of the main tourist center of Seoul. Namjoon lectured us on the giant statues of ancient people and what they meant. Jimin and Taehyung ignored anything he said and played a game. I'll admit, it was really boring. Luckily Jin said we should keep moving so we could go everywhere he wanted to take me.
Since it was around lunchtime we stopped at a few food stalls and ate while we walked to each place. First was a museum of history or something, it was somewhat interesting to see how South Korea developed over the years. Then we went to a few stores and got me more variations of clothes and a new pair of gray running shoes and black dress shoes. We then went to a game arcade on Jimin and Hoseok's request. Namjoon broke a game that's like whack-a-mole and the others said that it was normal for him to break things.
One of our last stops for the day was the North Seoul tower. We rode the lift up and looked from the viewing platform.
"Y/N, here there's this thing you must do when you come here. It's where you buy or bring a lock and write a promise on it or your name or something that is special to you." Yoongi said smiling.
"Have you been here before Yoongi?" Hoseok looked at him curiously.
"Ya, I've been here twice. Once when I was very young with my family and again with a friend."
"So are you familiar with the area?" Yoongi shook his head. We went into a shop that sells special locks. Each of us bought a lock and wrote on them. I bought a lock that is my favorite color with white stripes. Jungkook bought a bright red lock and a purple one with a white heart in the center. Why was he buying both?
"Let's all write something on them and put them on the fence." Jimin had some waterproof pens in his hands and his lock in the other. We sat at a table and wrote on our locks. I sat beside Jungkook and tried to see what he wrote on his. On his red lock he wrote a promise to work hard for BTS. On the purple lock he wrote a promise to protect me. I wrote a promise to continue learning new, interesting things.
Everyone finished writing on their locks and we said what we write on our locks and walked outside to put them on the fence. Taehyung had the idea to lock them together in a "string" and lock them up high. So that's what we did. They said that I should be the one to put it up since I was the reason they were here. I disagreed since the top of the lock fence where they wanted to put it is out of my reach. I said that and Jungkook put me on his shoulders so I could put it up as high as possible.
After I got it on the fence Jungkook wouldn't let me off his shoulders. He just continued walking towards the exit with the others following. I had no objections except the door wasn't high enough for me on top of his shoulders. He finally let me down and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. We viewed Seoul from the tower and left.
Jin took us to a traditional Korean restaurant for dinner. We ordered our food and talked. It was already 7:45 at night and we agreed to finish by 8:45 to see the night lights of Seoul. After a delicious meal of bulgogi and bibimbap we paid and left. Jimin called for the car to get us and to take us to a place they know of to see the lights. At the outlook point we got out after they blindfolded me. Jungkook led me out of the van and over to the others. He pulled off the blindfold so I could see the amazing view that was in front of me. We were above most of the buildings and were able to see stars above us.
"Kookie, look." I pointed upwards towards the sky.
"What, y/n?" He looked up at the stars with wonder.
"The stars are so pretty right now." He gave a slight nod and turned a few times to see other places. I could faintly see the reflection of stars in his black eyes."Kookie, do you know any constellations?" He looked at me and shook his head and went to sit with the others on a blanket they set out. I followed him over and sat between him and Taehyung.
"What about constellations?" Namjoon was interested in the conversation and so were the others. They all listened to what I had to say.
"Do you guys know some of the constellations?" All of them shook their heads except Namjoon. "Okay, so the basic one, the big dipper is that one, see. That one is Hercules, Scorpio..." We continued to talk about stars and space for a long time and I taught them how to spot each planet.
"Ah, it's almost 10 pm. We should go back now." Jin stood up and brushed himself off. Most of us whined but Yoongi and Namjoon got up and got into the van. Eventually we all got into the van and went back to the dorm.
When we arrived back at the dorm and I went to take a shower and the rest went back to their rooms. I finished cleaning up for the night and walked to my room with just a towel tied around me.
I walked into my room humming to myself. I had forgotten that Jungkook had moved into my room. He was sitting on his bed writing in his notebook and noticed me walk in. As soon as he saw me he covered his face with his book and turned around. Just then, I remembered that I only had my towel since I was going to put my pajamas on in my room. Hurriedly, I went into the small closet and put on my pajamas and walked out.
"Do you have something on now?" Jungkook still had his notebook to his face to avoid looking at me.
"Sorry about that. It's okay now." He slowly lowered his book and looked at me. He relaxed and continued writing in his notebook. "I would have thought that since you're a guy, you would've wanted to see something like that. Just a thought, it's just a thought!" He looked up at me curiously.
"Y/N, you might not know or remember but I have some manners towards women. Seeing you like that make me embarrassed like any descent man." He blushed again then turned back to writing.
"Alright, you can continue writing, I'll go to sleep since I have to go in tomorrow." He stopped writing and put his notebook on one of his shelves and turned off the main light. He got into his bed and turned off his lamp and so did I.
"Good night Kookie."
"Good night, y/n."
Finally! After like two weeks, chapter 6 is finally finished! The other member's parts will be up shortly! My crappy excuse is that I was sick for a few days and I have a project due this Thursday. And I always sleep after school so that's why I wasn't working on it (yay, school). Are you enjoying the story? I am! Remember to leave feedback and suggestions in the comments! I read all the comments, so...ya. Questions are also welcome, so go ahead and drop em! K, bye! Whee!~
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