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"Y/N!" Taehyung burst into my room and I quickly shut the notebook.
"Yes?" I turned around to see Taehyung holding a dark green jacket with him smiling.
"Y/n, it's kinda chilly out today. I decided to let you have this, it's a little big for you but it should be fine. The one Hoseok got you is too warm for today." He put the jacket on me and made me turn around in it. "See, it looks great and it's not too big!" I smiled and flopped the sleeves around. Jin called for us to leave for Seoul and we left my room and the dorm.
Since Jin doesn't have a car of his own, the company had to drive us to downtown Seoul in one of the vans. Namjoon and Jin gave me a small tour of the main tourist area that was the most crowded. They then told me about the statues and other historical things about Seoul and South Korea. During that time we lost the maknae line to the crowd. Jin got hysterical and we searched for half an hour for them. Eventually, we found them buying sweet bread at a food stall for everyone. They were forgiven by Jin and we all ate the bread happily.
"Y/n, where would you like to go next?" Jungkook had already finished and was standing in front of me.
"Well, I'd like to get more clothes to wear. The facility clothes are too bland and are all the same color except the clothes we got yesterday." Yoongi nodded and proposed that we go to the shopping center to buy me a few new outfits. We agreed and finished our food and left for the shopping center that was a few blocks away.
We spent about 2 hours in many different stores, buying a shirt or pants in each. In the end, I had 12 colorful shirts, 4 new pants, formal shoes, and athletic shoes. Of my 50,000 won the facility gave me, I spent 30,000 won (25 USD). Luckily the boys paid for some of it, I'm not mooching off of them but buying clothes with what I have is difficult. We left the shopping center and went to a few tourist places that they thought would interest me.
"Y/N, it's crowded here, I don't want you to get separated from me. Hold my hand." Without me saying anything, he grabbed my hand and started walking to our destination. He pulled me towards a candy store with different sweets lining the window. All but Namjoon and Jin lined up at the window looking at all the candy. "Come on!" Taehyung pulled me into the store and the others followed us in. Sweet smells filled my nose from all over. I spotted a green and blue striped candy on one of the many shelves.
"Tae, look at that!" He walked over to where I was standing. "Do you know what it is? I've never seen something like it!" I picked up one of the little cups it was in. Tae also picked one of them up and looked at the little thing.
"Strange, candy in a little cup. It doesn't even come with a spoon! What is this madness?!" I giggled at his childishness. One of the workers must've heard out conversation because a woman in the shop uniform came up to us. She explained that it's a jelly like desert that you drink from the cup. Both me and Tae were amazed by the unique desert and decided to get one each. The rest of the guys bought their candy and we left the store. We sat on a bench and tried our candies and shared little bites to each other. Mine was sweet like chocolate but is similar to a jelly.
"Y/N!" Tae started pulling me excitedly to Why would he want to bring me here of all places? "This museum is really cool! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll love it!" I read the sign of the museum, "O' Sulloc Tea Museum." Tea museum? Obviously not a normal museum, but I haven't said anything about me liking tea. "I actually don't know if you actually like tea, but you look like someone who does." I still was confused but continued to follow him inside.
"So, how did you know about this place, Tae?" He shrugged and turned around to face me.
"I found this on the internet last night when thinking of places to take you. I know it's not super interesting, but it can be if you're into culture, maybe." I nodded as I looked around the museum. "Another reason I thought you liked tea I because of your skin. It's very healthy, tea drinkers usually have skin like yours." We reached a counter with machines behind it and a little menu set up above it. "One of the best things about this tea museum is that you get to drink green tea while we go through." Each of us got our tea and continued through the museum. Surprisingly, it was somewhat interesting to learn about. At the end of our tour and learning experience, we left the building and continued down the street.
"Jin-hyung!" Tae was holding my hand as we walked down the streets following Jin. "I think we should wait until sunset. It's much more beautiful then!"
"Taetae, it's like 5 blocks away! Where else would you like to take her?" Jin seemed a little frustrated with Taehyung's whining.
"We should go to the outdoor market! I don't think there are many in America, so I bet she'll like it. Plus, if she's gonna cook she has to know what Korea has!" Tae started smiling and asking the other members about the idea. Jin agreed and we headed to the outside market area a bit more outside of main Seoul. We took 2 cabs to the market and started to look around. "Do you like seafood? There's plenty here." Tae gestured towards a fish stand on the far side of the market area. We shopped for foods so that Jin could teach me how to cook with Korean ingredients.
It was about 6 and Jimin mentioned that we should leave if we wanted to reach the next destination before sunset. Luckily, the next place was within walking distance and we only had 2 bags of foods. Again, Tae held my hand while walking. While walking, I noticed a large tower not far from us and we started walking towards it.
"Here we are y/n! North Seoul Tower! One of the most popular places for tourists and lovers alike!" Hoseok pointed to the large tower in front of me. Around the back I saw a few cable cars going up to it. We started walking faster and eventually started to almost run. I entered the main building and boarded the cable car with the others. Tae led me to the side so I could see out. The sun was starting to set on us and on the other side I could see a few city lights on the far side.
I was in awe and the others noticed and giggled silently, but I didn't pay much attention. At the end of the ride they took me to the viewing area up top and let me in front, since I'm short and their "guest." We stood there for about 15 minutes and watched the sunset together. After the sun had completely set, Tae brought some locks and waterproof pens to write with. Each of us wrote on our locks and we put them in a formation to create a circle.
We left the tower and went to a restaurant down the street that has mostly soups and meat. The entire time we played 007 and the loser had to eat some jjambbong that Hoseok accidentally ordered. It was fun but we left around 8 o'clock for the dorms so we could get to bed early. Namjoon was going to call for a cab but Tae and Jungkook thought it would be funner to walk and to look at the city at night. The older ones agreed eventually so we walked most of the 10 miles. Half of it we ended up taking cabs because they realized how far the dorm actually was.
Back at the dorm, we showered and sat in the living room playing a game while we waited to take our showers. At 11:30, we went back to our rooms to sleep. I forgot that Tae moved his bed into my room while I showered, but it was here in my room. Tae walked in and sat on his bed and looked at me.
"Y/N, have you written about our adventures in your book yet?" I shook my head, I didn't really have time to write after we got back. "I hope that you write our best adventures in there so we can relive them by reading them!" He smiled at me then got up to turn the light off in the room. "I hope you don't get too conscientious about a guy sleeping in the same room as you." I gave a small giggle and crawled under the covers of my bed as Tae turned the light off.
"Good night Tae."
"Good night, y/n."
Here's Tae's part! So, I'll tell you this cause I don't feel like making an entire other card about this. I saw a picture of Seventeen's Woozi and was legit confused and first thought it was Suga. But then I looked at the eyes. Oh well. So, I hope you are liking the story so far! Drop suggestions and feedback, even questions in the comments! Bye!~
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