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"Everybody, we need to get going!" Jin called from the living room for all of us to leave. I shut the book on my desk and met up with everyone to leave. Namjoon made sure that everyone was there and led us out. Since the main part of Seoul is about 10 miles away from the dorm we had to take a cab. The company wouldn't take us since it wasn't a company administered thing. I rode in a cab with the maknae line in one and the hyung line plus Namjoon was in another. We arrived in the main tourist area of Seoul and walked around in the main square.
"It's lunch time and we won't eat dinner til late." Jimin turned around in a circle looking for something. "Let's go." He grabbed my hand and we ran to the food stands a bit away. The others were as confused as I was but just followed us. "Here we are." I was too out of breath to notice where he took me to. It was a little food stand selling ddeokbokki and rice cakes. "It's a popular street food here." He saw my confused look and laughed a bit. "You'll know what I mean as soon as we get some. Those rice cakes are looking good too, so we can get some." We got in line to get our ddeokbokki and rice cakes then walked to a little area under a tree to eat.
"So," Tae said in between bites, "Where we going next?"
"She might want to go somewhere cool." The maknae suggested.
"Y/N, is there anything you are particularly interested in?" Jimin finished his last rice cake and looked at me.
"Well, I've heard that the N. Seoul Tower is a great place to go. Could we go there?" I looked at each of them and they all nodded in agreement. We all finished our food and left for the tower. It was pretty far from where we were but luckily it was a nice day. "Wow..." The tower reflected the sun off of its exterior. Jimin grabbed my hand and sped up and so did the others. They seemed very excited about visiting here.
We got in line for the cable car to go up to the top. I got a little scared from being so high up so I stood in the center of the car. Jimin noticed and pulled me to the side to look out but I got even more scared and crouched down. It looked so nice out but I stayed where I was, on the ground. Finally we reached the top and got off the cable car. On one side is a little shop that sold special locks to put on the fence. I walked in to look around with the others following me. I picked up a sky blue lock with a white boarder.
"Jimin, I want to get this one." He nodded and showed me the lock he picked out. It was similar to mine but had a black boarder instead of white. The others picked out theirs and showed each other. We bought them and used the waterproof pens to write with. "What should I write?" I couldn't think of anything to write, nothing sweet or any promise to fulfill. Plus I didn't have an actual lover so that's out of the picture.
"Maybe a promise to work hard while you're with us. Do you have a lover back in America?" Yoongi had finished writing his promise. I shook my head and looked down at my lock. Yoongi turned his lock in his hands and looked at the others locks.
"Ah, I know what to write." I scribbled down my promise to continue being happy. We walked out to the fence to put our locks up. The boys set theirs up high where I couldn't reach. "Why are all of you so tall? Or am I just short?" I struggled to reach the spot but couldn't reach it. As I attempted to reach the spot where their locks were hung, I magically was able to reach them with ease. Magic or not, I quickly locked mine beside Jimin's before the magic was gone.
"Is it up?" Jimin had picked me up to reach the top. I looked down at him and nodded with a smile. The rest of them were standing back looking at the hundreds of thousands of locks. Jimin set me down and grabbed my hand again then started walking around looking at the locks others put. I spotted an interesting lock in the mass of locks in the center. It said, "<NAME> is still with me even though he isn't physically. I still and will always love you <NAME>." There was a little picture attached to the lock of a woman and a man together. "That's so nice of her to do that for him." Jimin came up behind me and looked at the picture.
"Jimin! Y/N! We should get going if we're going to get there in time!" Jin waved us over to the main building to take the cable car back down. Jimin and I ran to them and waited in line with the others. After the ride in the cable car, we walked down a street we haven't before. Trees started to line the walkway down a more secluded area. I didn't ask where we were going but I liked it. It seemed so serene, like I should take a nap. Without telling me Taehyung grabbed my other hand that Jimin wasn't holding and we started running all in a line after the trees ended.
I understood why they were so excited. In front of me was a little restaurant with tables and a pond on the side. It looks to peaceful especially with the sun reflecting off the pond. We then broke into two lines and walked to the door of the little restaurant. A man greeted us and led us to a table beside a window looking out to the pond.
"We're eating dinner here then leaving to see something you'll love." Jimin was sitting beside me leaning back. I wondered why they were as excited as they were to see this place. It's cozy but there isn't anything too exciting. I decided to ask them why they were so excited to see this place.
"Well, it's so nice here, food's nice, staff is very nice to everyone, nice view. This is one of our favorite restaurants in Seoul. It's so nice in the spring because of the trees." They all agreed with Hoseok's opinion.
"Well," Jungkook looked up from his phone to talk. "We got excited because we think you will really like this place. It kinda feels like a small town restaurant where everyone knows everyone in the town. Plus there's a playground near here where small children play, so it makes it feel more cozy, I guess." I nodded but still didn't understand why they acted like they were going to an amusement park. Our sandwiches finally came and we dug in, finishing it all in 10 minutes, including me.
Namjoon paid and we went outside to sit under the trees. Apparently we had to wait until sunset to go to our next destination. This means we had to wait another hour, but we decided to go to the place to get a good spot. We reached an outlook point above Seoul with a few skyscrapers higher than us. Apparently many others wanted to come early because there were already about 30-some people there sitting in chairs or on blankets. I was about to sit in an empty area but Taehyung and Jimin lead me away to another place behind the rest of the crowd.
"Y/N, it's too crowded here and it's just going to get more crowded. Follow Jungkook, Tae and I will be behind you." Jimin gently nudged me towards Jungkook's back for me to follow. I followed him behind what I thought was part of a mountain or something. We walked down a hidden path that started winding upwards and one part was almost completely vertical. Luckily there were little footholds made of stone that made it easier to reach. It wasn't that difficult of a climb but it was going to be difficult to go back after it was completely dark.
We then stood atop another, higher overhang a little away from the other one where a crowd was gathering. No wonder no one noticed us, there's a patch of trees that blocked us from being seen. You would have to really look to see this and notice it wasn't part of the mountain behind it. We sat on the ground or stood and waited. Without warning, a firework went off a few miles away. Then more followed until fireworks lighted up the night sky. I noticed that most of the city lights were off to see the light show in the sky. Even though we were pretty high up, I still had to look up to see.
After it ended the crowd below packed up and left with a few people staying to chat with their friends. We went back down the trail to leave. Hoseok, Namjoon, and Jimin in front, me in the center, Jungkook, Taehyung, then Jin in the back. No one noticed us exit from behind the mound but we were still slightly careful to not be noticed. We went back down the road to go back to the main part of Seoul to take a cab back to the dorm.
Each of us showered and went back our rooms to sleep. I had helped Jimin move into my room, under Jin's order. It didn't take much time but had to get Jungkook's help to move his bed into my room. We sat on our bed for a bit until we were both tired and decided to go to sleep. I got up to turn off the light while Jimin got into his bed.
"Good night, Jimin." I climbed into my bed.
"Good night, Y/N..."
Chimchim's part! This one was really fun to write, so I hope you really enjoy this one! I'm thinking of actually just writing the entire chapter, each member, then upload them one a day. I like that more, then people don't get spammed. I could set it to upload at a certain time... nah. Anyways, drop feedback, suggestions, or questions in the comments! Bye!~
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