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Five Favorite Ships!

Hello, Minna-san! So, today @tbell2 tagged me in the first post for February's Ships and Feels! Today was to celebrate our top five ships. So without further ado....
Soul and Maka
So, these two are just so much fun. Being a Meister and Soul Weapon pairing means that they are compatible on even the deepest of levels and understand each other intimately. It also means that they have accepted all those things and trust each other explicitly. They even live together and Soul makes Maka tea, which I find abso-bally-lutely adorable! I know that just because they're a working pair and friends doesn't mean that they will make a good romantic couple, but I think that it would work! I love these two!!
Anime: Soul Eater
Nanami and Tomoe
So, their relationship starts out pretty rocky, what with Nanami having no clue what is going on and Tomoe pining for Mikage, but over time they come to terms with each other. Although, almost as soon as this happens, Nanami confesses her love to Tomoe who soundly drops her, literally (from a building; don't worry, he catches her). This awkwardness works itself out and after a while things settle down again between them. Nanami grows into her role as a god, going above and beyond to do what she believes right and working to make herself stronger. Tomoe grudgingly comes to admire her dependence and in the last few episodes of the last season of the anime, is given the opportunity to watch Nanami through her memories to figure out what her life was like. He seems to vastly appreciate this glimpse into what Nanami has gone through (and Nanami has also had the chance to do the same for him), and at the end proposes to her child-self. The relationship isn't completed yet, but I love them as a pairing and as the two strong individuals they are.
Anime: Kamisama Hajimemashite
Yona and Hak
OMG, this pairing drives me nuts. I just finished watching what seasons we have of this anime (Akatsuki no Yona) and I LOVE THEM. Yona starts out as a pampered and selfish princess, but after being hunted and having to make her way outside the palace walls, she turns into a strong, smart, and determined woman. Hak is her bodyguard, who is the only one that remains loyal to her from the castle after her cousin (and first love) murders her father before her eyes. As the anime progresses, you see how exactly their relationship has grown through the years, and while Yona remains stoically oblivious to Haks feelings (and kisses), it is revealed that Hak has loved Yona for some time. He comes to love her and be more and more proud of her as the story goes on. I love the love-story dynamic in that it is not too fast (by the end of 24 episodes, Yona still hasn't exactly caught on), and Hak is in love with Yona herself, not just in lust (case in point, he has an opportunity to kiss her and force her to stay behind for a dangerous mission, but seeing that she is determined to help and hearing her explanations, he lets her go, with a rueful but proud smile on his face.) Because he loves her, he lets her do what she needs to and backs her up, not trying to coddle her and keep her away from any harm. He supports her strong nature, and will always be there for her. Likewise, Yona trusts Hak explicitly and cares deeply for him. The love story here progresses slowly and fully, with each party loving and knowing the other for who they are and supporting them. They are beautiful; and pretty freaking hilarious!!
Anime: Akatsuki no Yona
NaLu (Natsu x Lucy)
Ok, omg, I can't even right now. I really don't know how I'm am going to express my feelings for theses last two ships in words, but I'll try my best! Ok, so this is definitely one of my favorite, favorite ships ever. Like I said earlier, I'm not sure how I'll do this, but I guess I'll just spill all my feels onto the page and hope to come up with something readable.
Natsu and Lucy start out meeting in a town where Natsu is looking for his adoptive-father, Igneel (a dragon, btw). Natsu's presence breaks a love spell on Lucy, and in return, she treats him and Happy to lunch. Later, Natsu helps Lucy escape from a human-trafficking operation, and takes her to Fairy Tail, the wizard guild he belongs to and where Lucy wants to go more than anything (except maybe finish her novel). THe two become fast friends and partners and handle many missions together. They understand each other so well, and care so deeply for each other. Fairy Tail has the most episodes out of any of the anime for the other ships here (watch it! if you haven't) so I can't describe everything. But throughout the series, the two have cried, fought, and laughed with and for each other. Hell, Natsu dug up a freaking sakura tree and sailed it down the river next to Lucy's house when she was sick and couldn't attend the festival! They care sssssoooooo much for each other, its making my heart hurt writing this!! OMG, they are just so perfect for each other. And I gotta leave it here, cause I really, just....the feels are all consuming!
Anime: Fairy Tail
Yatori!!!!!! (Yato x Hiyori)
Ok, if I thought NaLu was hard, now its Yatori time! In a battle with NaLu to be my favorite ship ever, of all time, Yatori is the ship name for Yato and Hiyori from Noragami. Noragami is in contention with Fairy Tail to be my favorite anime of all time as well, what with a crazy, insanely good plot, BEAUTIFUL animation (the eyes, man, the eyes!!!) and amazing character depth. However Yato and Hiyori are another reason I keep coming back. Yato is used to being on his own, pretty much reviled or ignored by just about everyone, god or human. But then Iki Hiyori comes along and 'saves' him from a bus, but in the process turning into a half-phantom. She resultantly requests that Yato find a way for her to stop having her spirit fall out of her body. This is the catalyst for the relationship.
At first, Hiyori is mostly around Yato to order him to help her (because he keeps putting it off), but after some time and Yukine (Yato's Shinki) coming into the mix, Hiyori becomes an inseparable and invaluable part of the team. She is strong, smart, athletic, and determined, and she won't take no for an answer or back down. She is also caring to a fault, taking in Yukine, then working to tutor him in her old school material. As all three grow closer and closer, Yato is shown to really lock onto Hiyori, sometimes following her everywhere and checking up on her. Both he and Yukine care so deeply for Hiyori and her for them, as she is someone that will remember them, when no one else really has. They are so protective and supportive of each other. When Hiyori loses her memories or is kidnapped, Yato becomes a serious force to be reckoned with. And when Yato is missing and trapped in the underworld Hiyori and Yukine will do anything to get him back. Hiyori is even able to come up with Yato's real name in order to 'soul call' him back up. Even though, as Hiyori puts it, she really doesn't know anything about Yato's past, she knows and trusts the current Yato enough to support him and help him, even when faced with dire odds. While all of this doesn't exactly sound romantic, when watching the anime, you just get a feel that they care incredible amounts about each other. And there are also some wonderful trolling moments, where Hiyori says "I want to stay with you forever" and then has to backtrack fast, or when Yato more recently says that he'll "make Hiyori the happiest girl in the world" (fangirl squeal!), that allude to the possibility of Yatori becoming canon. Ok, I may have made a big mess of this, but all in all, Yatori is certainly within the top 2 ships for me, and I will ship it till the day I die!
Anime: Noragami
Other ships in my harbor:
Ichiruki (Ichigo x Rukia: Bleach)
GaLe (Gajeel x Levy: Fairy Tail)
Gruvia (Gray x Juvia: Fairy Tail)
Jerza (Jellal x Erza: Fairy Tail)
Ed x Winry (Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood)
Inuyasha x Kagome (Inuyasha)
Misaki x Usui (Maid Sama)
Haruhi x Tamaki (Ouran High School Host Club)
Riko x Hyuga (Kuroko no Basuke)
Kuroko x Kagami (Kuroko no Basuke)
Zen x Shiraiyuki (Akagami no Shiraiyukihime)
Yuroichi x Kisuke Urahara (Bleach)
NaruHina (Naruto x Hinata: Naruto)
SasuSaku (Sasuke x Sakura: Naruto)
Minato x Kushina (Naruto)
Kagura x Sugou (Gintama)
And probably many many more I cannot think of at this moment in time!
Well, thank you Minna for listening to my long drawn out, and rather erratic ships, but I hope you enjoyed them! Thank you @tbell2 for the tag, this is just the sort of thing I've been needing to start writing cards!
Oh, and none of the artwork belongs to me! Kudos to the creators!
YES! 👍 I approve of them all ^0^
Ahhh! Kawii!!
Thanks @tbell2!!! i love all of these ships ssssssoooooo much!!!!
@Kirik Oh my goodnesssss!!!! and Yato x Hiyori!!!! (X
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