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How many of these gaming, movie and anime masks can you identify? (Answers are in the 2nd picture)

Let me know how you did in the comments!
(Let me know if you don't want to be tagged in future cards)
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No-face and Zuko. Lol where's Shin-ha?
19 masks, 5 of them from skyrim
I want them all!!!!!!!! for my mask collection!! >:)
Pokémon Zelda? soul eater, Reaper Mask Blue Spirit, avatar Hollow Mask spirited away, no face
1 is the dragon priest 2 predator (of course) 3 another dragon priest (forgot which one) 4 star man (or whatever his name is) 5 witch king form LotR 6 (sorry I really don't know :/. ) 7 (I remember this one) Dragon Priest Vokum 8 Death (from that one game Darksiders) 9 The Mask ;) 10 borderlands mask 11 that one guy from Legend if Korra 12 Splicers Mask 13 Vega 14 mask of truth form legend of Zelda 15 Cubone of course 16 that blue guy from Avatar 17 Kindred 18 Mononoke Princes mask 19 Another dragon priest (I really like skyrim) 20 that one guy from Fable 21 DEATHGUN! 22 ichigo's mask 23 Guy Fawkes mask :D 24 I believe another Dragon Priest 25 uhmm I don't know 26 Spirited Away's No face 27 AND The mighty lord Death from soul eater! Did I do it...