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"Y/N~~~~~" I closed the notebook and got up to answer the door. Hoseok was standing there waiting for me to come out. "I thought you fell back asleep or something." He gently smiled at me and led me to the living room. Yoongi was half asleep on the couch while Namjoon tried to talk to him. The maknaes were in a circle playing chopsticks and Taehyung looked frustrated. When my arrival was announced, we left for Seoul. "Should we walk or take a cab?"
"The winter trees are starting to bloom so we could walk but it's pretty far away." Jin led us down the street. He called two cabs to take us to the main part of Seoul. Hoseok nervously sat beside me but still smiled and talked to me the whole time. Namjoon, Hoseok, and Jin told me a few things they wanted to show me today. Some that we might have to do another day.
"Y/N, welcome to Seoul!" Hoseok gestured to the area around us as the other cab let the rest out. Jungkook and Taehyung looked like they were about to die of laughter while Yoongi looked like he was about to kill them. What did those two, or three, do to him? "Yoongi? What did they do? It looks like ride was a lot of fun." Hoseok wrapped his arm around his shoulder and smiled at him. That somehow got Yoongi to smile.
"I bet she would like to learn a little history of this place." Namjoon faced me. "Wanna take a tour and learn some history?" I shook my head and followed Hoseok who was walking towards some vendors. "Hey!!" The others noticed me running towards Hoseok and the vendors and followed and quickly passed me. No surprise. Namjoon was the only one calmly walking like every other person other than the members.
"Hobi!" He turned around and noticed me first out of the other 5 boys running towards him. Hoseok let out a high pitched scream, just loud enough to draw attention. "What are you doing? Trying to escape us?" I grabbed his hand since it was crowded, and it made him freak out for a second. "Did you think I was someone else, Hobi?" He breathed in and out and nodded and continued walking to his destination. "Where are we going?"
"I was hoping that Namjoon would start telling you about the history so I could get you a little surprise. But you caught me." He squeezed my hand and pulled me forward. This street was especially crowded, but all 8 of us managed to stay together. "I'm pretty sure it's right...ah!" We stopped in front of what looked like a little cafe. "To get your day started, traditional Korean teas and not so traditional coffee." He opened the door for me and followed me in.
"Hobi-hyung, how do you know of this place?" Taehyung looked around amazed by the wonderful smells coming from everywhere.
"A friend of mine told me about it. The teas are very good here." I followed Hoseok up to the counter and noticed the neatly decorated cookies. Hoseok noticed how intently I was staring at each cookie and asked, "Do you want one, y/n?" I slowly nodded to not break my concentration on the cookies. "What is your favorite kind?"
"I like anything without nuts. Anything else is good." It's not that I'm allergic to nuts, but I just don't like them. "Hobi!" I excitedly pulled at his sleeve. "That one is so pretty! Can I have it?" A green cookie? But it had a blue flower with a green stem on a white background. "How is it so detailed?" Hoseok laughed at my amazement and also looked at the cookies.
"It's beautiful isn't it? Do you want something to drink?" I looked at the menu of different teas.
"Green tea cappuccino?" I was confused by how a tea could be a coffee, but I didn't question it.
"That one with a sun, there." Hoseok pointed to the cookie that was beside the one I wanted. "I want that one. Oh, the flower needs sunlight to grow!" A wide smile was plastered on his face. "While you're here, I'll help you grow!" I just had to laugh at his idea. It wasn't ridiculous or anything, but it seemed like a somewhat funny thought. When it was our turn to order, Hoseok bought my stuff as another gift.
"Oh, so this is a green tea cappuccino..." Cup in hand, the green tea and coffee smells mixed together. I took a small sip of the drink at our table. "Oh!" The others looked up at me, expecting me to criticize it. "This is amazing! The little cream leaf looks so cute floating there!" Hoseok bit into his cookie and set mine in front of me. I unwrapped it from the paper and looked at the little flower not wanting to ruin it.
"Bwing~" Hoseok held his sun cookie above mine and tried to get me to eat my cookie. I took a bite out of the flower and tried to savor the taste. "What does yours taste like? Mine is something like blueberry." That's why the cookie is blue.
"Mine, it kinda tastes like melon. It's great." I continued to sip my drink and take a bite of my cookie every now and then. "Maybe the color goes with the design of the cookie. Like blue for the sky and green for grass." Hoseok simply nodded as he stuffed the rest of his cookie in his mouth. We finished our food and drinks and left. "So, where to next?"
"Well, we're planning on going to..." Jin named off a few things as we walked down the street. We stopped in front of a tower. "North Seoul Tower, one of the most popular tourist places. Though, it's not just for tourists, it's also for lovers." Jimin, who was somewhat quiet the entire time, suddenly yelled.
"Last one to the door has to clean the practice room!" He darted off towards the tower and so did the rest of us. I'm not that fast of a runner but still beat some of them. Jimin didn't get there first event though he got a bit of a head start. Jungkook got first, then Taehyung, Hoseok, Jimin, me, Yoongi, Hoseok, then Namjoon. "Namjoon has to clean tomorrow!" We all cheered between our breaths except Namjoon who looked so done with them.
We boarded a cable car and looked out the windows. All of us were amazed by the view. Hoseok looked a bit scarred as he both admired and cowered at the view.
"Hobi? Are you afraid of heights?" I stood beside him and looked at his concerned face. He nodded and looked at the other members for reassurance. Taehyung and Jungkook were in the back acting excited about how beautiful it is. It didn't make it any better for Hoseok. "Here." I held his hand and held onto the railing with the other. Hoseok did the same and seemed to calm down a lot. Now he started to really appreciate the view but it was cut off by our arrival at the top.
"We should buy a lock to put up." Hoseok walked into the shop and walked to the different locks. "This is nice, I'm getting this one." He proudly held up a green lock with a blue stripe at the bottom. I looked around and found a lime green lock with an orange X on one side. We bought our locks and went to write on them. Each of us finished and walked to the area to lock them on the fence. Our locks were placed together and we stood back to look at all the locks on the fence.
We later left the tower after a brief tour and took the cable car back down. Hoseok led us to the downtown part of Seoul for dinner. He took us to a traditional Korean food restaurant and ordered us a large plate of pork and beef. It didn't take long for it to be ready or for us to eat it all. We finished and paid for the delicious food. Hoseok told us that it was going to take some time getting back and he wanted to walk back.
After some arguing, we walked back to the dorm playing a word game while admiring the scenery. It took almost 3 hours to walk 10 miles back to the dorm. We all went back to our rooms tiredly until we had to shower. I went first and came out to Taehyung complaining about all of Hoseok's stuff. Yes, they were moving his stuff into my room even if they were tired. It was one less noisy sleeper in their room. I sat in the living room waiting for them to finish because they said that "they had it all under control."
Yes, running the bed frame into the wall 5 times is under control. Plus Hoseok spilling two of his own boxes of clothes makes it even better. Eventually, everything of his was moved into my room, all of the boys were showered and everyone was tired. I sat on my bed looking at all of Hoseok's stuff in boxes on one side of my room. Hoseok came in sooner or later and sat on his bed and looked at my face.
"Tired, y/n?" He looked at me with a bit of concern.
"Yeah..." I laid down on my bed and stared at the ceiling then my eyes closed.
"Well, get under your covers first. I'm turning the light out now." I put my covers on me and curled up to sleep.
"Good night, Hobi..."
"Good night, y/n."
Hobi-hobi-hobi~ How'd you like it? I liked it. I like this story a lot. Yes, I know that it's a lot of spam but them I'll take like another 2 weeks off to write or not. While I write/type these, I always have BTS music playing to keep the creativity moving. Suggest some songs if you want to! Leave feedback, suggestions, or even questions in the comments below! Bye!~
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